The 13 Sins of the DIY Devil

Are you considering doing your home interiors all by yourself? In that case, here are some deadly DIY sins you need to avoid. Here are some boo-boos that a ‘do it yourself’ enthusiast may commit while decorating his home interiors. Make sure you steer away from these common mistakes to create a fine living space.

1. Improper Measures

You need to take proper measures to measure your floors and stairs perfectly before you select an area rug for your floors. If the rug is small in dimension, it may not serve its purpose of protecting floors and interior decoration perfectly.

On the contrary, if you select a long rug, it may lead to skidding and accidents. You must thus make sure that you measure your floors properly before you go shopping for rugs.

2. Too Small Doorways

A house will really look cramped up and cluttered if you go for small doors and passageways. You must opt for elaborate and expansive doors that provide you enough space to walk past.

You may make the passageway attractive by decorating the walls and corners with beautiful wall arts and artifacts. Select color tones that match the existing wall colors.

3. Improper Texture and Shade for The Walls

You must color your walls with the right kind and color of wall paint. There are many different hues when it comes to wall colors. You may select between solid colors, pale colors, loud colors or cool colors. You must select a shade that complements the wall colors you have used for your walls.

Paints come in many different textures too. The choice of wall texture will again depend on how you wish to redefine your walls.

4. Windows that don’t ventilate

There are several distinct variants among windows too. You must pick a window that makes your room airy and bright. You may surf the several different window varieties online.

You should also select the window treatment wisely considering the requirements of your house.


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5. Neglecting Safety

There are very few people who take safety into account while doing their home interiors or designing their home. Safety should be your first priority when you renovate your home with your own hands.

If there is some interior work that you cannot do yourself, you must contact the professional. If you do a poor job, it may lead to future risks especially if it is some electrical work.

6. Cramped Up Cupboards And Cabinets

You must design cabinets that have ample space to store your wares. You must be able to systematically organize your clothes and other accessories. You may design cabinets of wood or even recycled materials. You may check out the numerous options online.

7. Wrong Choice of Lights

Lights help to illuminate your room. It also makes your room appear showy and colorful. If you are planning to make lanterns at home, make sure you make shapes and colors that improve the showy appeal of your house. Colors can actually ruin the show of your room if you select the wrong lighting arrangements.

8. Unrealistic Budgets

You have to fix a very rational budget before you head to renovate your home. Many people often fail to calculate the actual resources that will be required to decorate your home.

You must roughly calculate the amount that you will have to spend on your furniture, décor and other amenities. Allot some excess amount that you may use in case of urgency.

9. Working without Permits

You must never do any renovation work without a permit. If you work without a permit, in future insurance will not help cover any problem that occurs. This definitely will be a loss for you.

10. Not Opting For Eco-friendly Materials

In the archaic times, there were not many attractive eco-friendly ways to decorate your home. In this case, it was valid to opt for synthetic materials that presented numerous options.

Today there are several attractive eco-friendly products that make your home appear stylish and modern. You may thus comfortably opt for a sustainable living to save the planet.

11. Insufficient Preparation

You should prepare yourself well before you go ahead with your do it yourself home interiors. This helps you ensure that all your work goes smooth.

You may even make a rough draft or layout about how your house must look after renovation.

12. Cheap Purchase for Decorating Homes

You must preferably avoid purchase of cheap materials that do not carry any warranty. Avoid being ‘penny wise, pound foolish’. There is no harm in investing a few dollars to decorate your home with durable materials.

13. Picking the Wrong Tools

Choice of tools actually plays a major role in the way you do your home interiors and repair work. If you do not select the right tools, your work may not be proper. You may refer the several handymen’s guides online. These will help you select the appropriate tools.

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