Strike The Right Balance In Home Office Design

Tips on decorating your home office to make it a comfortable and stylish space that is nevertheless fit for work.

A good home office is all about great design. There is no reason why your home office should look like a replica of the workplace. You can easily make the space a genuinely pleasant part of your home by making sure you focus on design elements that bring the practical and the aesthetic face to face. It’s about striking the right balance between the professional and the homely.

You can do this in a variety of different ways using a variety of different decorative and functional elements. Arguably the most important of these are covered below:

When it comes to seating it is wise to go for a mixture of practical and comfortable seating if space allows. It’s important to find ergonomic seating for when you are using work surfaces to write, draw, use computer equipment and so on. Ergonomic seating helps you find the right posture. However, comfortable seating in the corner of the room is a great way to make the office a comfortable hideaway for reading and so on.

Storage is obviously primarily a practical concern. It is important to have the right pieces of furniture in place to deal with the specific type of work you do. Filing cabinets and so on are very popular for this reason. However, bookshelves are also widely used to make a design statement. Filling a wall with attractive bookshelves is a great way to make a feature of the space.

Work surfaces
A lot of people are starting to see the real value and style in using reclaimed items of furniture and the home office is a great place for such items. When it comes to work surfaces, why not make your office more attractive with an old reclaimed wooden table instead of a desk?

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Wall art
The home office is a place for concentration, but it is wise to have a bit of inspiration on the walls to help you get in the right mood. Avoid depictions of calm, psychologically appealing spaces with redundant statements attached to them and go for art you are personally connected with.

Good lighting is essential. Bright, practical lighting at work spaces helps you get in the right mood for work, but some comfortable softer lighting can help you enjoy your more comfortable seating when reading and can help light the room in such a way as to make it a warm, welcoming retreat instead of a sterile work space.

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