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Creating the right backyard space in order to enjoy it year-round instead of just in the summer months is not as hard as you may think. Having a bit of shelter and some other special pieces will allow you to enjoy the space well into the autumn months. HGTV, a home improvement channel in the United States and Canada, is one of the leading experts on sprucing up outdoor spaces to be enjoyed any time of year and they know just the way to get your patio ready for fall.

Cover It Up

There is no way you will truly be able to take advantage of your outdoor space if you don’t have some shelter from the elements—it wouldn’t be fun to be enjoying a warm drink outside and have leaves falling into your cup. Having an awning or another type of covered structure will give you the protection you need while still letting you enjoy the crisp Autumn air.

Pops of Autumn

Don’t be afraid of celebrating the season in your décor. Adding some pumpkins into your existing landscaping with give and extra splash of fall colors that will really bring the space together. Also, be sure that you have some plants that can survive in any weather so you still have some green to bring life to your outdoor space no matter how warm or cold it is.

Throw-Back to Comfort

HGTV suggests that having “nostalgic” seating on your patio will give just the right amount of comfort and welcoming seating to sit out on a cool day. They also suggested adding some decorative pillows in seasonal colors, that way you can switch it up and have it match any weather.

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Feel the Burn

Probably the number one must have for your fall outdoor space is a fire pit. On those cool evenings where you just want to curl up in a sweater and enjoy the cool air, but don’t want to freeze, you can start up a fire and really get pleasure from being outside. With a little bit of planning and creativity you can make it so you can utilize your outdoor space more than a few months each year. After all what is the benefit of having a great backyard if you cannot enjoy it any time you want? So get covered, get warm, and let the autumn shine through.

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