Spend Just Five Minutes a Day for a Clean and Hygienic Bathroom

Having a clean bathroom is a basic necessity as not only is a dirty toilet a put off but dirty floors and tubs aren’t exactly pro hygiene. Cleaning however, is not only a tedious job but also distasteful. So, how do you have your cake and eat it too? That is having a clean bathroom sans the cleaning hassle?  One way is by tackling the problem before it takes epic proportions. So, if suppose you spend about five minutes a day tidying up your bathroom, you won’t have to face a week’s work of scrubbing torture.

Problem area one – Drainage outlets and shower enclosures

Blocked drains are caused due to accumulation of waste matter, mostly dried soap suds and hair or dirt. Daily splashing a bit of water on these outlets should remove the soap and dirt and prevent the drainage holes from getting blocked. When drains are blocked you can try using a chemical drain opener for quick results.  If you don’t want mildew near your shower walls, wipe them down with towel so that you don’t have to devote more time when the stains get more stubborn.

Problem area two – Basin issues

Toothpaste worms and water caused browning is difficult to remove once it hardens. If you want to get rid of them in a hurry coat the surface with a cleaning agent and leave it on for a minute. Then scrub it away with a basin brush and rinse with water. Taps do tend to lose their sheen due to constant exposure to water. Save your chrome or brass taps from such a fate by gently cleaning them with a damp cloth and some cleaning agent with lime. Add a pinch off baking soda to remove those stubborn stains.

Problem area three – Toilet

A dirty toilet bowl or seat is disagreeable to say the least. Besides, it has been proved that such germs can contaminate food if the user fails to wash hands before cooking or eating leading to diseases like Hepatitis A.

Most toilet cleaners are very effective and just need to be left on for a minute or two. After that all you need to do is scrub the bowl out with a brush. If you have a flush tank, a cleaning agent will flush out any foul substance.

Problem area four – Bathtub and mirrors

If you intend to lie in that tub at all, a clean one is definitely more palatable. Powder or liquid based cleaners work well for bath tubs. Mirrors tend to lose their shine overtime and get water stained around the sides. Vinegar is a natural mirror cleaner; use lime peels as it’s better than using a glass cleaner every day. If using vinegar, dip a newspaper in it and run it over the glass. Wait for the mirror to dry and then run a clean newspaper over it for that shine.

Problem area five – Floor and door handles

In case the floor is wet, use a floor wiper to dry it as muddy footmark stains take time to remove. Handles tend to lose their shine and need to be wiped clean of grime or dust as well as disinfected.

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