Some Important and Crucial Points to Remember about Bathroom Safety

People are designing various kinds of bathrooms for their homes with different kinds of accessories and other things to enhance the beauty of the place to a great deal. In doing that, you must not compromise with the safety that is related to the bathroom. In fact first the safety and the security of the place should be ensured and then the designing and decoration works should be done. This is all the more applicable if there are elderly members and children in the house. Bathrooms can be really dangerous for people who go to the washroom during the night. It is the time when the person is in sleep and all his senses are not alert. Accidents might happen at this time. This is when bathroom safety is useful.

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Here are some things to remember for enhancing bathroom safety and security:

• The floor of the bathroom should be rough and slip-resistant. Well polished floor tiles should be avoided as they cause skidding. Even the place outside the shower area or the bathtub should be coarse to prevent slipping due to wet feet. Make sure to prevent this type of accident have Bathmat.

• Make sure and check that the exhaust and ventilation fans in the bathroom are working fine or not. If they are not working get a mechanic to repair them immediately as these fans help in doing away with the suffocation.

• The lights in the bathrooms should be bright enough so that all the corners of the bathroom are illuminated. However see that the lights are not glaring as they might cause discomfort to the eyes as eyes tend to get blurred in the glaring lights.

• It is always good to have the bathroom neat and clean and clutter free. Usually the cabinets, the basin tops and the various countertops remain cluttered with innumerable things. Remove the unnecessary items so that the right things can be found on time.

• If there are elderly members in your family do arrange a shower seat for them. It might be difficult for them to stand and take a shower for a long time. Having a seat can help them in enjoying shower without any problems.

• There are electrical appliances and connections in all bathrooms. Make sure that they are well insulated so that even if little amounts of water reaches them, they will not cause major troubles. See that these appliances are installed at a little height so that they are out of reach of children.

• If there are cabinets in the bathroom for keeping various important things in the washroom, make sure that they are located at convenient locations. They should also not have sharp edges so that there are chances of getting hurt.

• See that the toilet papers, the soap-dishes and other things required in a bathroom are within easy reach of people while standing as well as while sitting. This is very helpful for older people and for children.

Keeping these small things in mind will make the bathroom a safe and secured place for all family members.

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Richard is a bathroom expert. He believes that bidet is a must have in any bathroom as it renders efficient service. To maintain hygiene, bidet taps does a good job providing both convenience and cleanliness. According to him, for bathing babies, bidet is the option.


  1. Michelle says:

    Indeed, the article is very true. Bathroom safety is a priority especially for the elderly because of age-related changes such as poor eyesight. Bathrooms should have adequate lighting especially during the night and if possible grab bars should be installed. Falls and accidents can happen anytime and we should be cautioned to prevent it. This article is informative and should be considered by all people.

  2. JollySec says:

    If I’ll be asked to rate our bathroom 0-10 where zero is very safe and 10 is very unsafe, I’d probably choose 10. Why? Because believe it or not people our bathroom doesn’t even have a bulb to provide light.Almost 2 months now. Hahaha. I don’t know what’s with my brother, since he’s the only guy in the house and supposedly should do the house fixing. We take a bath, use the toilet, in darkness. Well, not totally since some light from other parts of the house can reach the bathroom. Guess we really need to poke our brother forcefully to fix the bathroom light, or maybe I’ll do it myself. Thanks for this, it’s really helpful.

  3. Dian Kris says:

    I quite have an unbelievable experience in a bathroom somewhere in a local hotel near our town. I just finish using it and badly embarrassed when I use the faucet. It was not the very usual faucet we commonly use, and because of the reasons that I doesn’t know how to use it, I ended breaking it. The worst part is, I have to pay for it and it ruined the party dress I was wearing. Worst night ever.

  4. kathleenrose says:

    A very good article. It is true that bathroom safety is one of the priority in our house, especially to the elderly and to our little children. We need to check it out the safety precautions for our bathroom for us not to experience some bathroom accidents. And this article used to give us tips for us to have a safety bathroom.

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