Should You Turn Your Central Heating Up Yet?

As winter fast approaches, how long do you think you’ll wait before you need to turn your central heating dial up to a higher temperature?

  • Perhaps you live in a household where memories of exorbitant heating bills return to haunt you each time the temperatures drop?
  • Maybe you are doing your best to hold off on touching that dial until you really have to, over concern about your carbon footprint?
  • Or possibly, you already have your heating on and are enjoying the experience of having a warm, cosy living environment to relax in every time you come home?

Every home is different, but if you are sacrificing your comfort (and potentially, endangering your health) long into the winter, in exchange for cheaper bills and a cleaner, more eco-friendly abode, did you know that there are some home improvements which could allow you to have your cake and eat it? (Or rather, ‘have your home and heat it’)

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