Should You Move Or Build An Extension To Your Existing Home?

When a family becomes too big for a home, there are two choices available to resolve this problem; move or build an extension to the property. Before making a decision either way, it is always a good idea to get to know some of the pros and cons of each option.

Building an Extension onto an Existing Property

The most common way to extend a property is to build on a few extra rooms, but this requires that individuals have space in which to do so. If a property is built on a large piece of land, this is usually not a big problem, but if the land itself is small, individuals might have to get creative with how they add onto the home, such as choosing to build on an additional story, instead of extending out onto the grounds.

Before building onto a property, it is best to consider how much extra space is required, and for what purpose the space is going to be used. Do you need an extra room for a baby on the way, or do you want to add on a study so that you can finally begin working from home? Do you require additional garage space, or are you planning to start a big family and you’ve decided that one living room is simply not enough? Once you know how much space you want and why, you can start deciding whether a few additions to the property will work, or whether an overhaul will simply cost you too much to justify keeping the same property.

Remember, when you begin adding onto your existing property, you will have to ensure that everything from the paint on the exterior walls to the new roof matches, otherwise you could end up with a very strange looking property indeed. This type of job is less costly than buying a new home, but it is much more time consuming, so be sure that you are prepared for the challenges that lie ahead before undertaking this type of task.


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Moving to a New Property

A move to a new property can be very exciting for individuals who are starting their own family or making the decision to purchase a home in the suburbs, especially newlyweds or those that are making the decision to settle down. In these instances, purchasing a bigger home is a sound decision, because these couples usually have nit invested a lot into the homes in which they are currently living.

Buying a new home is a much simpler option than adding on to an existing property, but it also comes with its own sets of challenges, including the time and effort that it takes to find a high quality property in a good area. More and more people are choosing to build onto their homes instead of moving, but in order to make a decision that you will be happy with for years to come, you need to consider the details of your specific situation and make a choice that will suit your circumstances best.

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