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Home automation is just a fancy name for an improved quality of life. An increased feeling of safety at home, an ability to control the home remotely via your smartphone or laptop, and a house that learns and adapts according to your preferences are all very convenient as well as exciting, but many people care less about the cool features and more about cutting costs. There are two areas of home automation that can save a lot on your energy bill each month and, consequently, justify the upgraded quality of life that home automation will bring.

The first area is lighting. A significant percentage of many people’s energy bill can be attributed to lights that are left on or light bulbs that drain energy quickly. This can be fixed with smart lighting.

The second area is temperature control. Heating a house during the winter months and cooling down a house during the summer months probably adds more to your energy bill than lighting does. Driving up the cost even further are the times that, either the air conditioning or central heating, are left on while no one is home. Even adjusting the temperature slightly can have a huge effect on the cost of energy each month. All of this can be helped with a smart thermostat.

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Smart Lighting

Installing smart lights will save you money by assuring that lights are never turned on and forgotten about for long hours ago. Smart lights are set up with intelligent motion sensors that know when someone is in the room as well as when someone leaves. Another, fairly obvious, application of the motion sensor is that it will recognize when someone enters a room. This means that you will never have to fumble for a light switch in the dark again. If you wish to keep a light on in an area of the house even when someone isn’t in the room, for example the entryway or a main hallway, then the lights can be set on a timer.

A second way that the smart lighting will save you money is that almost every new smart lighting systems uses efficient light bulbs that last for years while requiring a smaller amount of electricity.

Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is simply a thermostat with radically increased functionality. The newest models of smart thermostats, like the one offered by Vivint, will adjust the amount of energy being used by the air conditioner or central heating system according to the weather outside. Most new smart thermostats will also be able to detect how many people are in the home and even which rooms they are in. This accomplishes two things. The first is that when there are a lot of people in a house less energy is needed to heat it and so when the in-laws come to stay they may actually do you some good by saving you money. The second benefit is that a smart thermostat will be able to focus its energy on the rooms that people use most frequently. This means that you won’t be wasting as much money controlling the temperature of the room in the basement that is mostly just used for storage.

About the Author: Lindsey Patterson is a freelance writer who specializes in technology and social media. She is currently focusing on the advancement of home security systems. Presently she is acting as a consultant for Vivint.  Be sure to follow them as well via Vivint’s Twitter.

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