Remove Clutter, Clean & Do Some Yard Work for a Better Home Showing

If you currently have your home up for sale on the market or going to list your home soon, you should make sure your house is ready for showing. In doing so, you’re helping to ensure your ability to get the best offer for your home. So to get started, you’re going to want to de-clutter your rooms, clean from top to bottom, and get your yard in tip top shape.

The De-Cluttering

A cluttered home is often a disorganized one and if your house is messy looking, potential buyers won’t give it the time of day. The first step in de-cluttering is to get rid of furniture to improve the use of space and give an organized feel to the home. You can clear off countertops, throw away stacks of magazines and newspapers, and pack away all of your personal effects and small items used for decoration. Be sure to go through closets and pack away unused clothing. Any excess appliances, exercise equipment, and children’s toys should be placed into storage. Don’t forget to clean out attic spaces, garages, and basements as well, because a buyer will look there too.

The Cleaning

Once you’ve unclutter your home you will need to clean thoroughly. A clean home will let any potential buyer know that the home has been taken care. If walls or doors need touch-up paint or new paint all together, take the time to do so.

Beyond standard vacuuming and dusting, a good area to attach is the windows. Washing the windows and screens increases the amount of light that is let into the home, giving it a more open appearance. Clean smudges and dirt from walls and electrical sockets and switches; if faceplates are cracked replace them. Clean out the refrigerator. Clean the stove. Have your carpeting professionally cleaned and mop and wax all floors. If you have the means to hire a company to come in do a thorough cleaning, it may be worth the expense if your home is in disrepair.

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The Yard

The final areas of great importance, when it comes to selling your home, are the front and back yards. Both should have the lawn mowed, leaves raked up, gravel or decorative stones raked even, trees cut back, and shrubbery trimmed and pruned. The front yard has a bit more importance as it gives way to a potential buyer’s first impression on the home. So pay extra attention to overgrown plants, sidewalk edging, and overall ways to increase your home’s curb appeal.

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