People are Coming to Stay, Where are You Going to Put Them?

So you live in a one-bedroom apartment. People love dropping by for a visit but can never relax enough to stay as you have no way to accommodate them. Well, there are a couple of solutions that can make this possible. Whether family members are coming on a planned vacation or a pal has drunk too much brandy to make it home, a sofa bed could be just what you’re looking for.

Sofa beds are the ideal solutions for rental studios and one bedroom apartments who are limited on space. Since they look and are just like a comfortable couch, sofa beds give owners the freedom to be fashionable whilst at the same time utilizing the limited space they may have. Their inconspicuousness makes them a popular choice among those who don’t want everyone to be totally aware of their living and sleeping arrangements.

There are different kinds of sofa beds. The most basic and cheapest is one that folds out onto the floor. The foam that makes the sitting cushion of the sofa is stretched out completely and placed down on the usable space of the room. These are however extremely uncomfortable for sleeping and not spectacular for sitting on either, they tend to dip wildly.

‘Clic-clac’ Sofa Beds
Possibly the best idea for people wishing to convert their sitting furniture into a bed in record timing. The name perfectly describes how they work; simply unfasten the back of the sofa, let it drop down whilst pulling the seating part forward and clic-clac the braces into place. Within 20 seconds Bob’s your uncle! You have a nice big bed for your guests to sleep on. The trick is to buy one with comfortable cushions as these will be used as your mattress.

‘Metal action’ Sofa Beds
The best option when it comes to using this type of bedding as your main sleeping arrangement – ideal for residents of a small studio or university halls. Once again, the bed folds away into the sofa; however, this time the mattress is a separate entity from the sofa cushion. When extended outwards, the mattress is laying upon a slate base frame, supported and elevated from the floor via two or three sturdy rectangular metal braces. The mattress, being disassociated from the rest of the sofa, means you can choose the type of material make-up you prefer to sleep on e.g. latex, pocket spring, etc.

All of these come in many different colours and materials so make sure you shop around for the most suitable and comforting beds for your little love nest.

There is, however, one more option that will suit many of the younger generation.

Futons are cool. Even the word is cool. In my opinion, they give a room an instant contemporary feel. Working much like a fold-out sofa bed, the futon cushion is the mattress. However, the frame is normally a two part wooden design with a back and sitting plate, which the futon cushion rests over. The futon cushion is easily removable from the frame, unlike the cheaper sofa beds whose foam is part of the sofa.

Futons tend to come in more experimental designs with more bright colours and shapes so having them match with the rest of the furniture might be a bit of a mission.

Futons, on the other hand, are great to put in children’s rooms. It allows the kiddies to have their own cool little den whilst also making a sleepover with friends a lot more practical and less stressful than turning the living room upside down.

Futons are also a great idea for people on a lower budget.

As you can see, there are enough options available to fulfil your house-proud needs. Even though you may be limited on space, that doesn’t mean you can create somewhere cosy for you and your friends to stay.

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