Money Burning In A Furnace

Money Burning in a Furnace

Recently, I found out that I needed a new furnace.  And when I say, “I found out”, that is literally what I mean.  My house was colder than it usually was and whenever I turned up the thermostat the temperature would not respond.

This had never happened before so I did not know what the actual problem was.  So I called a professional in from a local company to assess the situation.  He immediately went down stairs and asked me where my furnace was and right when he asked that I had a lump in my throat.  I knew that if my old furnace needed to be replaced it would cost me a very pretty penny.  Low and behold he told me the verdict and now my bank account’s balance spells B-R-O-K-E.

The real point of the story is that I did not have to go broke to buy a new furnace.  I did not have to shell out as much money as I did.  My home did need a new furnace.  It was 22 years old.  But I did not need to be charged so much money for my contractor to put a new one in.  It was the middle of November when he put it in and I was panicking because winter was setting I fast in Boston, Massachusetts.


I obliged to the price quote he gave me and hired him right on the spot.  I never thought I would have to shop around for a deal on a furnace.  I always thought there were a couple models you could choose from depending on the size of your house and that was it.  There was not a wide array of furnaces to choose from.  Who has ever seen a furnace showroom at a store?  But there are different models to fit different budgets.

Apparently I have a middle of the road, energy efficient model sitting in my house now but I still wondered why a middle of the road furnace cost so much.  I did my research after I had already paid the contractor.  That was a huge mistake.

I did not even look at the bill when I signed it and paid him either.  Probably one of the dumbest moves I have ever done.

The labor alone was cost just as much as the furnace.   That should never have happened.  But I was dumb enough and he was smart enough in this situation.  This was all on me.

Research Like a Term Paper

When buying a new furnace it is just as important to do your research as it is with any other high priced item you might buy.  It is difficult to know exactly how much you should pay because furnaces are only bought about once every 20 years in homes and many people do not live in their home for 20 years so they have never bought a furnace before.

The trick is to call around to different contractors and ask them to give you their opinion on 1) whether you actually need a new furnace or not and 2) the price they would charge you for both the actual furnace and its installation.

I walked down to my basement and stared at my new furnace the first couple of days I had it because I thought to myself, “If I paid this much money for this then I should at least look at it.”  Something that costs so much should be sitting in your driveway.  It should not be sitting out of sight from everyone.

When you go to buy your first or your next furnace you need to be sure you are getting a fair price and not being raked over the coals.

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Brian Connor has written for many home improvement and home restoration blogs.  He believes a furnace is one of the most important parts of your home except for when you over pay for one.

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