Making a Creepy House Into a Home

You know that weird feeling you get in some houses when you enter them? It feels cold and unsettling. There is something not quite right and it puts you on edge. A lot of the time that feeling is simply down to the way the space is decorated although many people associate it with something a little more spiritual. The way a room is decorated can seriously affect the way the room feels and how you react to it.

I know this because I recently moved into a new flat and it was giving me chills. I had little choice but to move in as I had no other options in my price range that would accept pets. On the first look I felt odd, I thought maybe it was haunted, even though I don’t really believe in ghosts. When I moved in I tried not to be alone as I hated the vibe in there. As I walked up the stairs it felt like someone was behind me, and the living room just felt cold.

It Was Time to Decorate or Move Out

After about two months I decided that I should decorate to try and warm the space up.  I painted the walls a soft warm lilac added some soft furnishings and added some new furniture. The addition of a few paintings and mirrors on the walls helped to make the room feel like my own. The final touches were a large luscious rug and a lampshade.  Even while working on the room it began to feel more normal in there.

Decorating can Transform a House into a Home

It was strange but it made a huge difference. The way it was decorated before wasn’t bad at all. The walls were painted white and the furniture was old but not old fashioned. As soon as the room was finished I felt happy to spend my time in there and the strange feelings I experienced before stopped straight away.

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It’s funny to think that simple addition can make such a dramatic change in the atmosphere of the room. I am now sure that the space only felt weird because I hadn’t put my own touches to it. If it was haunted I guess the ghost hated my taste and decided to go and stay somewhere else! I love my home now; it’s modern, comfortable and stylish and a place to be proud of.

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