Make The Most Of Your Small Bathroom

When it comes to style, the size of your bathroom doesn’t really matter, but if you do have a small bathroom every bit of space is needed. This means that the accessories that you choose could either maximise this space or jeopardise it. The illusion of more space comes down to your choice of light fittings, storage units, mirrors and sanitary ware.

The first and easiest rule to stick to is to make the most of wall space, rather than using the floor. This will make your bathroom seem much bigger straight away as there’s nothing on the floor other than the essentials. You could use one wall for a run of cabinets to provide lots of storage for bathroom essentials such as towels and toiletries etc. If you choose to give this idea a go, you should spread your cupboards over just one wall; if you put them around all walls it will enclose the space and make the room feel even smaller. 

Be cunning when it comes to bathroom storage, find an open shelving unit and display some colourful towels or use the bathroom mirror to your advantage; rather than a flat wall mirror why not go for a mirror unit? This way you kill two birds with one stone, you have the obligatory bathroom mirror whilst also giving yourself extra storage space for your essentials.


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If a small mirror is not really your thing then try a wall mirror, which fills your whole wall. Not only are these accessories decorative and useful but they also magnify the space. Another way of magnifying space is to opt for glass or even metallic tiles rather than the usual ceramics. Glass and metallic tiles capture and reflect light, in turn creating the illusion of more space.

If you feel like standard cupboard units and shelves dwarf your little room then you may wish to consider a custom built bathroom. This would mean that everything would be made to fit the size of your bathroom so although the units maybe smaller but they won’t look out of place.

A small room doesn’t necessarily mean that you should go for the minimalist approach and skimp on colour. If you choose the classic white toilet bowl, bath and basin and have a light coloured floor there’s no reason why there shouldn’t be a splash of colour on the walls.

Black and white bathrooms will never go out of fashion and will look great in any sized room. If you decide to opt for the monochrome look then you might want to consider a glass shower screen, as opposed to a curtain. Glass screens are easy to move and clean, they’re also much more modern than a curtain but most importantly they don’t block out any space.

This article was written by Jessica Smallman on behalf of bathroom furniture specialists

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