Keys to Designing a Home Theater

An in-home theater is on the wish list of many home buyers, but many people assume that only the “rich and famous” can afford one. However, designing and creating your own home theater is more within reach than you might think. Whether you design and build it yourself or have a contractor build it, there are some keys to follow to design the home theater of your dreams.

Home Theater

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Room Location

Start the design process by selecting the ideal room or area of your home where the home theater will be built. A basement or spare room can work, but be sure it is large enough to hold all of the furniture and equipment you plan to include. In some cases, it may be best to add-on an additional room to your home to be the dedicated theater room.


The main furniture in your theater room will be the seating, so be sure you choose chairs you’ll love to spend time in. Visit online auction sites, memorabilia shops and swap meets to get great deals on the perfect furniture and other design elements for your home theater.


Recessed lighting with a dimmer control switch is the ideal lighting for a home theater. Track lighting can work as well. The lighting can be built directly into the ceiling, or installed by adding a drop-ceiling. You might add a few wall sconces for a decorative effect to complete the look. You might also consider adding lighting to the aisles or along any stairs in your theater.


This is where your creativity really comes in. You can add a personal touch by choosing a theme that suits your tastes and personality. Many choose “movies” as their theme, featuring large, framed movie posters from their favorite films, an old-time popcorn machine, etc. If your theater will be heavily used by children, you may want to choose a kid-friendly theme. Other theme ideas include “outer space, ” the Wild West, or perhaps a design based on scenes from your favorite movie. Flagstaff carpet suppliers can help complete the look. However, your theme can be more subtle than any of these. For example, you can choose a sleek, contemporary design as your style or theme.


Be sure to choose a color scheme that fits with your theme and preferences. Dark colors tend to work best in theater rooms for obvious reasons. You can check out auction websites, memorabilia shops and flea markets to get great deals on the perfect design elements for your home theater. Flagstaff carpet sellers can help you get the perfect flooring to complete the look.

Theater Equipment

Of course, the actual theater equipment is an important component of your home theater design. You’ll need a large screen, video equipment, sound equipment and an AV receiver to tie it all together. You might consider a projection system, a flat panel screen or a plasma television, depending upon your budget. You can get some great deals on home theater equipment by comparison-shopping online.

So there you have it — six key areas to address when designing your home theater. Take your time, have fun with it, and you’ll create the home theater of your dreams!

Aaron Stevens is an interior designer who reguarly writes about theme-based home improvement projects.

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