Keep Your House Mold Free with Dehumidifier

Have you felt sudden exhaustion after entering your home? And your recent medical test indicates that you are healthy? Baffled with all these results and wondering about it? This could be an indication that you might be suffering from heat stroke. Well then it’s about time that you check your dehumidifier or installing one, if you don’t own it yet!

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Studies have shown that human skin is very sensitive to sudden change in temperature and this is a reason sudden exhaustion. When you are in a high humid place, your skin is not able to dissipate the body heat to the environment properly, because of the humidity. Our body undergoes a state called hyperpyrexia, in which it tries to dissipate the extra heat via blood flow to the external surface of the skin. With the excess amount of blood flowing to the skin and relatively less amount of blood going to the muscles and other internal organs, metabolism is sure to decrease resulting in fatigue or worse heat stroke! Dehumidifiers are the best way of protecting your family’s health and keeping your home bacteria free.

Dehumidifiers are household appliances, which extract the excess humidity and converts it into liquid by a process called condensation. This liquid is then collected and disposed afterward. These dehumidifiers are very useful devices for keeping our home or office mold free and healthy. As the high humid environment is a hotspot for many pests including molds, moths, fleas, Cockroaches and mice to grow and breed, the dehumidifier reduce the excess moisture preventing the growth of such infestation. They also have anti-microbial filters that reduces bacterial growth and keeps the room clean and fresh all day long.

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There are different types of dehumidifiers available in the market to choose according to your needs and requirements. The portable dehumidifiers are perfect if you live in a small apartment. They are light weights so that moving them is not an issue. You can measure the amount of humidity of one room with the humidistat, and use the device accordingly. This awesome feature saves lots of energy and money.

The whole home dehumidifiers are the best investment if you own a big house and lot of antique furniture and artwork. They are good at keeping your house bacteria free as well as preventing mold formation on your precious collection, while you are busy with your work or relaxing on a vacation. Basement dehumidifiers are specifically designed for the most pest infested areas in your entire household. Cleaning the basement can be a nightmare to many because of the dust, molds, pests, etc. Buying a dehumidifier for the basement, which has a direct draining system will prove effective in the long run.

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While using a dehumidifiers, it would be beneficial to keep your doors and window closed to create a tight environment. This allows the dehumidifier to work efficiently and extract humidity from that room. Keeping it near an open window or a door will only allow more humidity to enter, thus making it an utter waste of energy. Leave a gap of at least 10 to 12 inches from the wall for the device to function properly. They are best option to keep your home mold-free and healthy for your family.

For a low cost investment a dehumidifier really can make all the difference in the damp areas of your home that are prone to mold. Most of the time the negative effects of mold won’t become apparent until damage to your possessions or property have already been incurred. Therefore the best forms of defence are preventative measures, such as using a dehumidifier in your basement or garages where mold is most likely to accumulate.

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