Interior Design & The Tricks of the Trade

Transform your home and redecorate using the tricks of the trade for an interior design that looks fresh, exciting and professionally finished throughout. You might think interior design is hard, but it’s easy when you know what you want, what you want to achieve and the things you like. Forget about attaining that glossy magazine style – this is all about helping you to develop the confidence to decorate the interior of your home in the style you love.

Focal Points & Furniture

After the arduous task of stripping the wallpaper it’s only right you can sit back with a cuppa and observe your handy work – this also presents the perfect opportunity to draw out a plan. Which wall is going to be the focal wall? Is there enough room to have a piece of furniture opposite the focal wall to keep the balance? These are questions you can ponder.

It might be worth drawing a plan of the room (doesn’t need to be perfect) so that you can visualise the layout. It might be worth taking a measurement of the room, as this will help you to work out how much wallpaper and paint you will need, and the size of furniture you can include in the room. To improve continuity it’s usually recommended by interior designer to link furniture together.

Personally my top tip is to create a mood board and any piece of fabric, colour, picture or furniture which catches your imagination should be stuck down on this board. You’ll soon realise what goes with what.

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Colour Schemes

Colour will have a huge impact on the ambience of the room – so choose carefully. If you love bold and bright colours it may be worth having this as your accent colour, and a pastel or neutral shade as the main backdrop. We all have a favourite colour, but having this as one continuous block throughout a room can be too much, making the room appear dark, overbearing and often uninviting.

To counteract this, you should consider placing the main colour on a focal wall, and accent colour can be found in the accessories and furnishing scattered throughout. It’s often nice to have more than one colour, and while you can choose from the same colour group it’s great to be confident enough to choose contrasting colours and layer them throughout the room.

Hot Tip: Layering is the new black!

Lighting – Trick of the Eye

Did you ever wonder why interior designers love lighting? It’s fantastic for the simple reason that it can manipulate the appearance of a room, give the illusion of more space and much like make-up, it can hide a multitude of sins.

Up lights can be used to make the ceiling seem higher and the room larger. While table lamps which are clustered together can create a snug, cosy feel in the room itself.

Remember: Mirrors are a fantastic tool; they increase the amount of natural light in a room and give the illusion of more space.

Now you’re equipped with these top tips you should have the confidence to transform your home into a space you and your friends love. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Written by Gayle Brown on behalf of English Blinds; an online retailer of high-quality and affordable blinds, the perfect way to add a splash of colour into a room. Click here to view their website

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