Improve Your Work Space With Raised Flooring

Improve your Work Space with Raised Flooring

Take a look around your office, warehouse, factory or public building. The chances are that like many work places you’ll find tons of space that simply isn’t being used. But when   your extra space is up as opposed to out, what’s the solution?

Double your Space with Mezzanine Floors

A mezzanine floor is the ideal solution to space problems in all types of building. When you run a large building such as a warehouse, you are likely to have lots of high ceilings and unusable areas, but you’re still paying for the heating and upkeep of the entire volume of space you have, even though it’s not providing you with a return. Installing a mezzanine floor can more than double the amount of floor space you have, so rather than wasting your extra area, you’ll be able to put it to good use and increase your revenue.

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The Many benefits of Raised Flooring

There are two main ways to increase the space in your building with flooring, either by installing a mezzanine or a raised floor. Whilst mezzanines usually work by splitting a space in two and effectively providing another storey, raised floors are more commonly used as a way or storing cables etc. away neatly and safely, for example in server rooms. Raised floors are ideal in busy office environments and can help improve efficiency and increase safety. Mezzanine floors which add extra floors to a space have a huge range of benefits including:

  • When you’ve run out of space in your office building it can seem that the only solution is to find bigger premises, but this is a stressful, expensive and time consuming option. A mezzanine floor can be fitted quickly, easily and cost effectively within your existing building so you don’t have to go through the stress of moving or spend a fortune.
  • A mezzanine can be the ideal way to incorporate an additional office, showroom, canteen, or storage area into the space you have.
  • A poorly planned or cramped working environment can harm your business, but with proper planning and professional mezzanine floor installation you can design the best possible working environment for your staff and increase productivity.
  • Whilst remodelling, extending or moving premises can be long, laborious and disruptive processes, a mezzanine floor can be installed incredibly quickly and easily, causing minimum disruption to the working life of your building.
  • A mezzanine floor can help increase your revenue because you can include extra storage, extra offices or hire more staff without having to pay more rent.
  • If you’ve got extra space in your building that you’re not using, you could even add a mezzanine and sub-let the space you create to give yourself an extra income.

So before you put your work place up for sale and start seeking new premises, why not consider installing a mezzanine floor instead? For a small investment, you could more than double the space you have, improve the efficiency of your building and increase your profits.

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