How To Select The Right Doors For Your Garage

We don’t often invest in garage doors as they can last for many years. But when the time does arrive there is a startling array of varieties and materials on offer. So, what garage doors would suit your home the best?

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Wood garage doors are eye-catching, oozing quality and workmanship. There are so many varieties and you can buy wooden garage doors to match the exterior of your home. Of course, in some modern housing developments, the quality of some garage doors aren’t always brilliant, so adding wooden doors you could be adding value to your home as well as kerb-appeal. However, there is one disadvantage with wooden garage doors – they may not be as durable as aluminium doors, and you will need to main the doors, either by varnish or paint.

Steel and aluminium garage doors are a popular choice. Aluminium is light and durable; you’ll also find that they can be much cheaper than wooden garage doors. Steel garage doors, however are far more durable and robust and if you get them professionally installed that most installers will prime the garage doors so that they don’t rust.

So in terms of material, you need to make a decision between beauty – therefore wood – or functionality and durability – you have the choice of either steel or aluminium.


Garage doors open in several different ways:

  1. ‘Up and over’ – simply unlock the door and, with a twist of the handle, the door roller-brackets will open the door effectively over your head. This is a fairly traditional type but some people can find these unwieldy.
  2. Roller doors – these operate like window shutters and with a small pull the door effectively rolls itself at the top of the garage door.
  3. Some garages have doors that open like just like doors. These tend to work better where there is room to have the doors stood open.
  4. Some garage doors operate on a concertina type opening, where the doors hinged e.g. 4 hinged panels that fold into the corner by pushing the panels along the roller. These doors tend to be wooden and require maintenance on the rollers to keep them running smoothly.

Automatic garage doors

Automatic garage doors are becoming more popular. Once seen as a luxury, they offer so many advantages to the user:

  1. Safety and security – they offer a more robust defence to potential unlawful entry and although early examples of electric doors were considered dangerous to small children, the more modern version have automatic safety shut off mechanisms.
  2. Affordable – automatic garage doors are not as expensive as you may think! Technology has advanced a great deal so prices have dropped considerably.
  3. Convenience – no getting soaked to the skin when the rain is pouring down!

So when you are at the point where you need to select new garage doors, take your time to do your research and get the best garage doors for you!

This article was written by James Leach on behalf of Hormann, a supplier of garage doors and other quality entrance products.

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