How to Minimize Mess When You’re Having Work Done On Your House

If you are having work done on your property in order to repair elements or to add a new room or extension that will improve the way you use it and the things you can do in your home, then this should be a very exciting time and a great opportunity to improve the value of your property while at the same time getting more from it and having a better space to live in and to entertain guests. At the same time though it’s also probably going to be quite a stressful time as you are forced to deal with your home being in complete disarray as workmen walk in and out, dust gets everywhere, and things inevitably get damaged.

While this is all inevitable to a degree however, there are ways you can minimize this damage and contain the problem so that you will have to deal with less mess and have less clean-up to do afterward. Here we will look at some top ways to accomplish this.

Move Things

If you are having a room renovated, extended or otherwise worked upon then you should anticipate lots of rubble, lots of dust and lots of hammering and drilling. In other words anything left in there will likely get at least covered in mess but potentially will also be broken or smashed. To avoid this problem just make sure you move anything you’re hoping to keep out of the region that’s being worked on – and to be on the safe side you should move anything en-route to the room being worked on too.

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Lay Down Mats

If you are worrying about dust getting everywhere then a simple solution is to lay down some dust covers on the floor to protect your carpet and also over any surfaces that you don’t want to get too covered in plaster. This can also help a lot to prevent the workmen from trampling in too much mud and dirt from outside – of course they need their shoes on to prevent injury but by laying down dust covers this needn’t be a problem.

Use Skips

By using skip bin hire you can make it much easier for your workers to dispose of any rubble or debris as they go and this way you avoid having things like planks of wood or piles of bricks lying around the place. This is better for them because it can help to remove potential trip hazards thus avoiding injury, but it’s also better for you because it means there will be less of a cleaning up job to worry about at the end of it all.

Close the Door

If the damage is confined mostly to one room, then simply making sure to close off that section of the house can help to avoid dust travelling throughout the house. Likewise you should shut all the other doors in the house as long as this doesn’t get in the way of your workmen because this can prevent any dust that does make it out from travelling any further.

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