How To Make Your Bathroom Furniture Functional

Seeing the words ‘bathroom’ and ‘furniture’ side by side might have some people shouting, “what is wrong with you woman, why would I want a sofa in my bathroom you fool!” but actually, the concept of bathroom furniture is nothing new, so hold fire on the name-calling for just a moment.

This fool has to store her bathroom accessories somewhere, and a wall unit or cupboard under the sink has many practical uses; so take a look in the mirror before launching said insults next time – that’s a piece of bathroom furniture too you know?

Here is a list then of essential pieces of bathroom furniture that, if you have not already installed, will have you scratching your head as to why you hadn’t thought to do so already.

Sink Cabinets

There are a plethora of cabinets available out there to choose from, available in oak, steel and other materials, with all manner of design options available. If you have a counter top basin there are units specifically designed for you, or alternatively if you want a unit that has the lot built in, well they are available too.

These provide storage space for a number of objects, from cleaning products to shampoo, and what’s more, as they occupy the same space as the sink itself, they won’t infringe on any more space than the basin unit normally does anyway.


There are a variety of mirrors available for the bathroom and if you really feel like making a statement with your home decor, why not opt for an LED mirror or an illuminated backlit mirror.

Many of these mirrors have little features like moisture sensors that will provide a fully clear mirror no matter how steamy things get in the bathroom. Whilst loved ones might not be able to draw a love heart in the mirror whilst you shower, you will at least know that you don’t have to worry about wiping the mirror down everytime you want to use it after using the bath or shower.

Of course, there are plenty of other more standard units featuring mirrors available if you prefer, so why not stop and take a look at them.


Stand Alone Cabinets

If you like the idea of a mirror, but also the added practicality of somewhere to store the items in which you would typically use a mirror to apply, then a bathroom cabinet is ideal.

Of course a mirror is not a prerequisite on your cabinet. There exist plenty of options available, with many simply designed for storage purposes – as opposed to providing the added bonus of something to peer into whilst slapping on a bit of makeup.

Combined Vanity Furniture

If you like to have all your units in one place, there even exist fixtures that are a combination of toilet unit, basin and cupboards too. These are particularly handy for those that only have a small bathroom space in which to furnish.

Careful use of bathroom furniture can really help your bathroom remain clutter free and retain its gorgeous looks – proving that the words bathroom and furniture don’t make such a bad combination after all.

Louisa Jenkins is an interior design guru with a particular interest in the use of bathroom furniture as a way of really bringing out the best in people’s bathrooms.

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