How To Make The Most Of The Space You Have

In the current climate moving home to gain more space isn’t always an option. Our homes can easily become cluttered and new additions to the family always cause worry when it comes to space. Our homes should be comfortable for all the family but we should also be able to get some well deserved privacy from time to time. In overcrowded homes it can feel like you’re always getting on top of one another and it is difficult to find time to yourself. Here is advice on making the most of the space you already have.

Get Hammer Happy

Many of us move into our homes as they are and make minor adjustments. Up until recently houses were built by fitting in as many rooms as possible into the space available. Now we prefer an open plan layout. Although by building houses open plan you lose rooms homes that are open plan do generally feel bigger. Many homes have separate kitchen and dining rooms and an open plan kitchen is on the top of house hunters lists. Cooking should be a social thing and loosing the wall between the kitchen and dining room will dramatically open up the space. Alternatively if you have a large kitchen pantry consider making this part of the kitchen.

Banish Unwanted Storage Space

Many homes are built with huge amounts of storage space with some cupboards the size of a very small bedroom. Whilst storage space is always something we think we need, how much of the things that you are storing away do you really need? Think about it, would you rather have all the items you put in years ago and never get out or a couple of rooms made a little bigger? You could even sell the items you don’t want to clear up the space and make a little money to put towards the job. Large cupboards are often found in bedrooms and bathrooms, with are rooms many of us wish were a little bigger.


Utilize Loft Space

Loft space is often wasted space and could offer that extra room you so desperately need. The space in your loft is often big enough for a master bed room and an en suite. This is a great luxury and means you can have your own quarters of the house and free up your current bedroom. If you do have disused loft space consider having a valuation done by a local loft conversion company. I am local to Bristol and have seen some amazing loft conversions in Bristol. A loft conversion can dramatically change the space you have and add value to your home.

Eilidh MacRae works for MPK Lofts, suppliers of loft conversions in Bristol.

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