How to Make the Best Possible use of Space in a Small Bathroom

A cloakroom suite is a toilet and a basin set that can be installed in the smallest of rooms to add functionality and value to your home. To make the most of your space, you need to choose the pieces of your cloakroom suite carefully. Careful planning and design will make the room feel more spacious and give you more space to move.

The first step is to find out how much space you have to work with. Measure and make a note of the dimensions of the room, then decide on the optimal positions for the toilet and basin. You will need to leave at least 21 inches, and preferably 30 inches, in front of the toilet so that it can be used. Consider also the space that is needed for the door to open, particularly if it opens inwards.

If you are struggling to see how a toilet and a basin will fit into your tiny space, don’t despair: there are a number of innovative design solutions that can help you. Instead of a standard-sized toilet, you can choose one that has a short depth of just 610 mm or 24 inches. You could even choose a wall-mounted toilet, where the cistern is hidden behind a false wall or panel, as part of a sleek, modern design. Although adding a fake wall slightly decreases the size of the room, hiding the cistern of the toilet makes the room look less cluttered.

Similarly, a wall-mounted basin is a good choice for small spaces. If you don’t have much wall space to hang a basin from, consider using a corner basin. You can effectively use the wall space around the basin by mounting a soap dish and toothbrush holder onto the wall, or by fitting a mirror to each wall where they meet at the corner to create a multi-layered reflection that gives the illusion of extra space.

If you’re using a compact basin as part of a cloakroom suite, you need to make sure that you choose taps that are similarly scaled down. A single mixer tap with a top action lever is an elegant, modern style of tap that would suit most cloakroom basins without taking up too much space.

When choosing accessories for your cloakroom suites, keep thinking small. Choose a heated towel rail that fits snugly against the wall. Storage can be an issue in cloakrooms, so choose compact cabinets that fit into what would otherwise be wasted spaces. For example, you could choose a basin that is combined with a cabinet in a single unit, or attach a cabinet that doubles up as a mirror to the wall. You may also be able to attach a cabinet to the wall above the toilet to

Emma Cubrick is a expert interior designer, working in the North of England for a multitude of clients both commercial and private. Over the past 15 years she as become one of the most sought after names in the industry, known for her stunning bathroom designs. Emma is working on improving the categories such as the cloakroom suites @ Liberty Bathrooms to ensure Liberty Bathrooms product portfolio is the best in the industry.

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