How To Keep A Door Shut Without A Lock

How to Keep a Door Shut Without a Lock

You may want to keep a door shut without installing a lock on it. This is particularly the case with interior doors, where you may be after privacy more than actual security. On exterior doors where security may be a very real concern, there are some options, as well.

Interior Doors

If you’re only concerned about privacy, consider getting a simple latch and eye door lock. These are common on lavatories and bathrooms everywhere. You don’t have to install a lock but the resistance these offer is sufficient to keep someone from accidentally opening the door. In an emergency, they can be opened by simply opening the door up a crack and running something thin up under the latch to dislodge it from the eye.

You may also want to use a doorstop if you have more security concerns than average with interior doors. You can buy door stops with alarms that will blare loud enough to wake you up from a deep sleep. These are hard to dislodge if they’re shoved firmly under the base of a door.


Exterior Doors

The same solutions work for exterior doors, provided that security is not a major concern. If you’re in a situation where you have to assume the lock isn’t going to provide adequate protection, however, you may have to take additional measures. Fortunately, these are easy enough.

First, find anything heavy and put it in front of the door. This includes couches, bookcases and whatever else you can move. These simple barricades are very effective.

You can also use a chair. Place the top of the chair under the doorknob and lean it back so that the legs are pushing into the floor at a roughly 45-degree angle. This makes it virtually impossible to open the door, as the energy spent on pushing the door open is shunted to the chair and then into the floor.

You can also jam a doorstop under the door if your lock has completely failed. This is hard to get around on exterior doors, just like it is with interior doors. It’s a good idea to have some sort of a doorstop around so that you have a backup if your door locks fail you. You’ll find that putting one under the door at night, before you go to sleep, also gives you some justified peace of mind where your home security is concerned.

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