How to Improve Feng Shui in Your Kitchen

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese approach to organising objects to balance their positive and negative energies. The practice is tied to ideas of maintaining perfect forms within the home and architecture, and features a number of superstitions about blocking light and mixing the wrong energies together in a space. Feng Shui can be improved in your kitchen in a number of different ways, from adjusting lighting to improving cleanliness, through to making the best use of kitchen chairs and tables, and crockery and decorations. Taken together, it is possible to aim for a positive mood within your home.

1 – Lighting

The lighting in your home should be as bright and natural as possible to boost positive energies. This means taking a generally minimalist approach to decoration, and to opening out windows to let in light. Having a large amount of light also works hand in hand with reducing clutter, and keeping kitchen counters and tables free of appliances to create an open and relaxing atmosphere. Discreet candles and lamps can also be used to create these effects.

2 – Cleanliness

Having a clean kitchen is an important part of Feng Shui. Cleanliness extends to everything from cleaning out cupboards of old tins of food, to regularly cleaning fridges and freezers. Fresh food should be prominently displayed, and counters decluttered and wiped down to ensure that there isn’t a buildup of dirt and dust. Appliances should be kept to a minimum, and dishes should be placed out of view, as should bins and other forms of waste.

3 – Tables and Chairs

Kitchen tables and chairs can be organised to make the most of space, and to emphasise clean energy lines through rounder shapes. Sharp corners and edges represent negative chi energy, and should be avoided. Using quality materials that will stand up to wear and tear, and emphasising balanced sets of furniture that are in proportion to the rest of a kitchen will also improve your Feng Shui space. At the same time, you should be careful about having chairs and tables that block routes through the kitchen, and that place you against windows and mirrors.

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4 – Crockery and Decorations

The colour and shape of crockery and decorations within your home should flow through white colours and round shapes. Specific colours can be used to alter moods, with blues linked to reduced appetites, and reds and oranges to increased appetite and enjoyment of food. Positive chi energy can similarly be boosted through the display of yellow flowers, which help aid digestion. For the best results with Feng Shui, avoid mirrors, as they represent bad luck. You should also try not to place a stove next to a refrigerator, as this combines the opposing elements of fire and water. The same rule applies for water pipes. Stoves should not face the door, and the kitchen as a whole should not be viewable from the front door, as this again signifies bad luck and an accumulation of negative energy.

Author: Lily Fox is an interior designer and enjoys remodelling kitchens.

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