How to Design a Room for Entertaining Guests

When we go to all the trouble of designing our properties as best we can and spend money on filling our homes with lavish decorations and furniture, one of the main reasons we go to all the trouble is so that we can impress guests. While it’s nice to have lots of things to decorate the house with for our own sake, it kind of feels like a shame if no one else gets to see it especially when we are so proud.

As such then, we will often design our rooms and choose our furnishings with entertaining guests in mind. What will impress them most? And where will guests sit when they come round to chat? Here we will look at some ways you can make the very most of your properties from the perspective of entertaining guests and at some of the best things to consider implementing in your properties if you want to make the very best impression…

Places to Sit

The first thing you will do when you have guests round is to offer them a place to sit. It’s important to be able to have somewhere comfy so that they feel relaxed and at ease, but at the same time you need to design the seating area in such a way that you can talk to them easily and everyone can see each other. The problem in most living rooms and other communal areas is often that they are designed for watching TV and as such most furniture will point forward toward the television. Of course this makes it not particularly conducive to entertaining as you won’t be facing the people you’re talking to, and thus the better way to get more from your living space in this context is to create a ‘seating area’ within the room where the chairs face each other – for instance having a sofa with a couple of chairs opposite it where everyone can sit and chat. Likewise it helps to have a few spare chairs or bean bags that you can pull up when you have unexpected numbers.

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It’s also a good idea to think about the facilities and luxuries that you can offer your guests when they come round. Of course all of us like to be able to offer a cup of tea, but consider going further with your home improvements and adding coffee machines for the kitchen or mini bars where you can serve alcohol. Likewise you should think about the entertainment you can offer, and here you’ll make a better impression if you can offer something that not everyone has. For instance if you have a juke box this can be a lot of fun, as can having a hot tub outside for parties.


Tables are also important for when you have guests in your ‘seating areas’ because they enable you to stand drinks and things. Coffee tables in particular are ideal because they’re low enough not to block the line of vision between seats, and if you leave a few magazines on here or the like then this can also be entertaining for them when they’re waiting for you to finish cooking etc.

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