How to Decorate Your Daughter’s Bedroom for Less

Sure, if you gave your daughter your purse to decorate her room, you’d probably have nothing left in your bank account. You may not be in a position to buy a bedroom fit for royalty, but you can decorate it beautifully on a budget for your little princess.


A few tubs of paint can mean the world of difference to your daughter’s bedroom. A fresh coat can completely change the tone and warmth, plus make it look more presentable. For less than £20, your girl can have a new room in a colour of her choice. Also consider painting her furniture to give that old bedside table a new lease of life.


Again, you can get a range of linen at cheap prices. Get colours and designs that all match each other, so you don’t get caught out of washing day. Pick something that ties into the room. You can even make your own pillows with craft materials.

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You should pick a design theme based on something that your daughter likes, for example a story book or a film. If she loves the library in Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ see if you can find some second-hand bookcases and fill her walls with charity shop stories. Ask her to draw some pictures to be framed on her wall or print off photos of her family and friends.

Give her windows some attention with handmade decorations. Create your own window treatments by using fabric panels and ribbons.


Involve your daughter by browsing decorating magazines with her and highlighting inspirational images. You may even succeed in convincing her to opt for a more grown up theme which will last as she grows older and tie in better with the rest of your home decorations. If you cram her room with glitzy pink decorations, she is likely to think this theme is lame in a few years’ time. Save money in the long run by choosing an ageless and sophisticated décor.


No matter how old your girl is, she will need a desk, or at least a place to work. Make serious swotting fun with some funky stationary, a calendar, and a comfy chair to do her studying in. Having her own area for homework will bring up her productivity. At the very least, it will keep all her felt tip pens out of the living room.

Don’t Assume

Just because your daughter is female, it doesn’t necessarily mean she wants princesses and fairies. A room full of footballs and Liverpool FC posters is still a girl’s room, so listen to what your daughter wants instead of decking out her pad in what you think she should want. In fact, shoving traditional gender roles down your daughter’s throat can be detrimental to her psychological development. Girls who are fixated on princesses often lose interest at school, become materialistic, and believe that women are weaklings that should be saved or financially supported by men. So next time you pick up a Barbie, it might be an idea to buy a boyish present too.

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