How To Customize Inexpensive Home Décor Finds

Nowadays, it is all about “the deal” when it comes to shopping. From extreme couponing to vowing never to pay full price for an item, people are finding ways to cut corners and keep their money in their wallet. This is especially easy to do when buying various décor items for your home, as you can get them on sale and then customize them to make them look expensive and completely unique. By getting a little creative with the use of permanent markers or by adding embroidered patches to certain items, you can completely transform an inexpensive buy to a classy looking decoration.

Spice Up Tea Time

One of the items you can often find at discounted prices are porcelain mugs. Whether you buy them at a department store or a dollar store, it doesn’t matter. You can make them all your own with just a few easy steps. First thing you will need are Sharpie markers in whatever colors you would like. You will also need light colored ceramic mugs that are also oven safe. Then, use the Sharpie markers to put any design or stenciling you want onto it. Once you are done decorating, simply, place the mugs in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Viola! Now, your designs are permanently set on the mugs and are even dishwasher safe. For more marker-art inspiration, check out Infarrantly Creative.

Work With What You Got

Once upon a time, you bought something and loved it, but now, it feels old and outdated. In the vein of saving money, never throw out a décor piece because you no longer find it appealing, there are ways you can repurpose it. For example, Remodelaholic shares a simple way to transform metal house numbers. All you need to do is go to your local craft store and purchase wooden squares (around $0.50 each), either in the color you want or, if you’re feeling extra creative, plain, so you can stain or paint them. Purchase squares slightly bigger than the numbers, so it will create a nice frame. Simply secure the numbers to the squares and you have completely changed the front of your house.

Formal Setting

An easy way to dress up any dinner is to put out a nice place setting complete with a table cloth and cloth napkins. While it would be nice to have expensive, custom cloth napkins with an embroidered monogram, that is not practical. Instead, why not purchase inexpensive cloth napkins and add embroidered patches? This will provide the same elegant feel as the expensive custom made ones, while keeping your budget minimal.

Always Be Looking

Remember, getting things for your home that are inexpensive never means you have to sacrifice style or class. Keeping an eye out for a good deal and knowing you can kick it up a notch on your own will help keep your home looking like a million bucks on the cheap.

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