How To Choose Your Front Door

One thing that is more or less guaranteed in your home is that your front door will be used very frequently so choose wisely and consider the options available to you.

There are a lot of different possibilities with your home’s front door and if you choose the right one you will be pleased with it for many years to come as it acts as the gateway to your home life. It is almost certain that you will see and use it on a lot of occasions so what are the most important factors to consider when selecting your door?

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Does it fit your home?
Besides choosing a front door that you think is a suitable entrance point for how you want your home to feel you should also try to find one that pertains to the architecture of the building in terms of its material. It is a matter of preference of course but it is generally a good idea to have a door that is not in stark contrast to the rest of the home.

Size and price
The budget will always come into the picture early on in proceedings and the cost of your new door is dependent on a few different factors. You will want to decide to install either a pre-made or custom-made door and as you can imagine the custom-made models are subject to a longer construction time. On the plus side of custom-made doors however is the fact that it will give you a design that is unique to you. A standard size of door will be around 18 inches wide with varying larger sizes available. If you plan to use frames for the opening this will impact on the dimensions, meaning a door size of slightly less than this.

One or two?
The frame can play a part in how you adjust your plan but you can also choose to install a single or double door. It definitely depends on you having the required space if you want to have a double but the list of benefits includes a pleasing appearance and a greater space when opened, which can be particularly useful in certain scenarios.

Adding the finishing touch
You also have the opportunity to give your door the type of finish to really accentuate it and your home. If you want the wood grain to be displayed clearly then a stained door is the best option. Conversely, if you want a more sealed and garnished style then you should choose a painted finish, but whichever option you choose take steps in the future to preserve its appearance.

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