How To Choose the Right Concrete Floor For Your Home

Installing a concrete floor in your home makes a lot of sense both financially and from a design standpoint. If you are interested in putting concrete in your home, there are so many different options for you to consider. You can get different styles, textures, colors and finishes, depending on your preference. How do you know which options to choose? Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a concrete flooring option.

Consider the Texture

When you are picking the type of flooring that you want, you should consider what type of texture you want. You could get a smooth texture or a rough one. If you are concerned about kids slipping and falling on the concrete, you might want to go with a rougher surface. If you want a more elegant look, going with a shiny, smooth surface might be the way to go.

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Design or Pattern

When it comes to installing concrete flooring, there are a number of different design options that you can choose. Many concrete flooring professionals can do patterns and stamps to make the floor look like some other type of flooring material. For instance, you could get a pattern done on the floor to make it look like tile or hardwood planks. Look at a view of the different patterns that the concrete company has to offer. Choose the one that goes with your decor the best. In many cases, you might just want to go with no pattern and make it look like a regular flooring. This creates a very modern look that is popular in new buildings and in design.


When finishing a floor, you have the option of adding a color to the finish. Changing the color of the floor can significantly alter the look of your room, and make it look completely different. If you are decorating with a prominent theme or color in the space, using a color can add to it. You may want to use a complementing color so as to avoid too much of the same color throughout the room. Before choosing a color, make sure that you bring swatch or some other sample into the room where the job will be done. When you look at the color in a showroom or somewhere else, it can look completely different by the time it gets to your house. With the different lighting in your house, it can make a big difference. This can make a big difference in how much you actually like your floor when you’re done.


Ultimately, the decision of what type of flooring to get will be up to you. Don’t rush through the decision, because it can be very difficult to change the floor once you are done. Concrete is a great flooring option, but it is also considered to be permanent. You could always cover it up, but you can’t easily change the concrete itself once it has been installed in your home. This requires you to take some care in your decision.

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