How to Brighten up your Home

If your home is lacking a certain something and you are finding that the light flow and air quality is suffering, or if you just don’t feel a fresh, clean feeling anymore, then your home is in need of some brightening. Today we are going through tried and tested methods of brightening up your home.

1.)   Spring clean

It doesn’t have to be spring for you to get cleaning, and dust and dirt is usually the number one cause of a dull feeling home. Over time, dust particles collect on surfaces and ingrain themselves into upholstery and one of the effects of this is that they absorb light and destroy air quality and circulation. Basic, general, every day and weekly cleaning will rarely reach the parts of your home to the level it needs for your surfaces to reflect light. A very good, powerful vacuum and clean of upholstery, a polish of surfaces and a day’s blasting of fresh air will have the effect of brightening up your home and restoring some of the new feeling that has been slowly eroded by dust over the year. Common light absorbing areas are corners of rooms, skirting boards, ceilings, blinds, and shiny surfaces such as mirrors, door handles, and electrical equipment such as TVs and stereos.  Another major culprit is the windows of the house. Windows that are not regularly cleaned will not let in a sufficient level of uninterrupted light and will leave your home feeling dark and gloomy.

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2.)   Repaint

Like any other part of your home that needs cleaning, any tiny specs of dirt or flaws on your walls will affect the way the surfaces appear which will result in a dark, dull feeling in your home.  Sometimes, gradual discoloration or small flaws and specs are ignored because they are not considered to be significant enough for a repaint, however this could not be further from the truth. Repainting, whether you opt for the same colour or for a different colour will have a dramatic impact on how bright and fresh your home feels.

3.)   Flooring

Flooring is another surface which has a dramatic affect on the look and feel of your home. Like upholstery absorbs dust and light absorbing dirt, tiles and wood floors that are neglected will also have the same effect. The colour of your floors will dictate how fresh your furniture looks,  and so something as simple as changing your rug or polishing a wood floor will have a big impact on how bright and fresh your home feels.

4.)   De-Clutter

A beautifully decorated and clean home can still feel dull if clutter has been allowed to build up and take root in available space. Whether you like to throw your keys and loose change on the kitchen worktop , or use your dining table as an office space, a good way to remove any freshness and sensation of space from your home is to leave this clutter to grow and be housed in a place where there is no dedicated storage for such items. Get rid of the clutter, and you will feel a brightness return to your home in no time.

Ben loves to decorate his house and is often found looking around home improvement stores. He currently writes for Speedy Services, a tool hire company based in the UK.

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