How To Add Personality To Your Home

One of the easiest ways to refresh a home’s look is by updating the windows and doors. Window, doors, and their associated accessories are often the first thing that catches the eye of anyone viewing the home. Activities that provide low cost updates to windows and doors include painting, adding window treatments, and even changing door knobs. Whether one simply wants a new look or are staging the home to sell, small investments to update windows and doors can have a big aesthetic impact on a home.

New Paint Equals A Whole New Look

Painting is one of the most cost effective ways of changing the look of almost anything around the house and that goes for doors. An external door painted an attractive, contrasting color can make a home stand out from the rest of the homes in the neighborhood. Painting external window shutters and awnings provide the same type of an opportunity to revamp a home’s look.
If one does not have a color choice already in mind, a trip to one of the hardware stores may provide some answers. Many of the hardware store’s paint departments have software programs that can match the existing color of your home’s exterior to complimentary, contrasting colors. These programs allow customers to experiment with changing the colors of doors, window shutters, and awnings without ever having to lift a paintbrush.

Paint may also be used to change the look of a home’s interior by painting internal doors. Painting internal doors contrasting colors may not be the interior design goal, but one may try painting creative stencil designs on internal doors to update a room’s look. The wonderful thing about using paint to update a room’s look is that it is not permanent. If the design does not come out in the desired way, one may always paint over it and try again.

Treat The Windows

Adding curtains or other window treatments in complimentary colors are great ways to give a home an updated look. The cost of window treatments may be kept low if one sews or knows someone who sews. Many fabric stores sell materials and patterns for simple window treatments that provide dramatic impact to a home’s interior. For those who do not sew, many discount home stores have regular sales on a wide variety of ready made window treatments.

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Get a Handle On Door Knobs
One of the most subtle ways to change a room’s look is by replacing outdated knobs and fixtures. This is a relatively low cost change that may be done with a simple trip to the local hardware store. Some door knob hardware choices are traditional, modern, and antique. Typical door knob and fixture colors are gold, silver, pewter, and wrought iron black. If one has an idea of the home redecoration theme, a trip to the local hardware store may be the perfect way to update a home’s look quickly and without excess expense. Deeper discounts on door knobs and fixtures may also be found through online venues for those willing to wait for items to be shipped to them.

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