How I Made Myself at Home in My Bathroom

Isn’t it horrible when you move into a new house and don’t feel comfortable at first? I got this sensation when I started life in my new flat and felt as though I was living in some else’s home.

I didn’t feel any sort of ghostly spirits brushing past me on the stairs and no glasses were mysteriously moved around during the night but I just didn’t feel as though it was my place yet. This was probably because I hadn’t made any changes to the decorations and had only added a couple of basic items of furniture to each of the rooms.

When I went for a shower I have to admit that I jumped in and back out again in record time because I was sort of uncomfortable in the old bathroom. It wasn’t helped by the fact that it was a cold and bare room which didn’t really encourage me to hang around in it.

A Yucky Look

In order to brighten things up I got some help from my sister, who is really good at choosing colours and finding bargains. Her first word when she went into the bathroom was “Yuck”, so that definitely gave me a bit of extra motivation to carry on with the project.

The very first step she suggested was getting in a new bathroom suite which looked a bit more inviting. This instantly made the room look more appealing and more like my bathroom than someone else’s which I just happened to be using.

The next step was to add in some accessories and I was amazed to see how many of these are around these days. Heated towel rails, shower baskets and illuminated mirrors are among the things which I never even knew existed and which I was now seriously considering buying.

I have always been a fan of technology and things which look as though they belong in a Star Trek movie. You wouldn’t have known that from looking at my old bathroom though, so I decided to go for something cutting edge and classy. After a bit of looking around I found exactly what I was looking for in an illuminated bathroom mirror. I had never even seen one of these before and when I came across it I was sold right away.

bathroom mirror

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By then getting the walls painted and putting down some new flooring I finally had a bathroom which felt like it was mine. It is amazing the difference it makes to be able to enjoy my bathroom knowing that it is all my own design, well, and a bit of my sister’s as well of course. I even nipped out to buy some floating candles to use in it and the next step might be to buy some incense and a Gregorian chanting CD.

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