Hottest Fall Color Trends

Whether you are painting your home, upgrading your wardrobe or repainting your car, the color you choose matters. What color you pick says a lot about you. If you choose to pick a color that doesn’t match your skin tone you could feel more depressed without even knowing why. Color has a lot to do with you mood. We consulted with color experts to see what the hottest colors are for fall.


Burnt Orange

Think Denver Broncos or pumpkin. Orange is making its way across runways, onto show room model cars and on new home interior walls. Burnt orange has a natural feel good feeling.


Deep eggplant is rich, inviting and comforting. Fall wedding trends show that eggplant is the most popular color for fashion. Pair it with a deep espresso or bright orange and you will be in super style. If you are looking to repaint a bedroom wall, eggplant is a great choice. It will help you feel at ease and it is the color of royalty. You will get your beauty sleep and sleep like a queen.

Fresh Roast Espresso

Skip Starbucks and sip a fresh latte in your own living room. Deep espresso and fresh roast are the hottest colors for walls and fashion. The fall is all about deep colors that soothe the soul. Picking an espresso color for your new look will set a statement that you are hip and on the for front of fashion. Many people are choosing to upgrade the look of their car by adding dashes of color. You can paint a strip or redo the interior. Brown is a popular interior color because it is luxurious and does not show dirt very easily.

Bright Chartreuse

Bright colors make a statement and are super in this season. If you want to be in style choose bright chartreuse and pair it with a deep espresso or eggplant. The bold contrast will certainly catch eyes. Some people are going as far as making over their entire lifestyle. Their outfits, their home and their car. Using bright colors adds a dash of happiness to your own life. When you wear bright colors they are uplifting. If you wear dark colors then your mood may be drearier. Uplift your lifestyle this fall by picking colors that are in style. You will feel more connected and possible more happy when you choose new colors. Colors have a natural way of making us feel good. Use the fall color trend report for inspiration.

For more color inspiration visit O’Dell Auto Body & Paint, a Portland, OR Auto Body Repair shop. Shannon Kaiser is a lifestyle and trend writer.

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