Home Remodeling Tips for Upgrading Bathrooms

For any homeowner, remodeling is often a source of excitement, as you go about your days imagining how wonderful your home will look with brand new siding, new windows, a new paint color, or even new flooring throughout. While remodeling on the outside of your home is undoubtedly very important for a fresh look, there is one area of remodeling that is often overlooked; bathroom remodeling.

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Where to Start?

Let’s admit it; hardly any of us go into our bathroom, look around, and think, “This bathroom could use an update!” However, if you find yourself spending time undertaking a complete home remodel, remodeling your bathroom is an easy, and often inexpensive way, to spruce up the inside of your home as well. Often times, homeowners do not know the first thing about a bathroom remodel, and may find themselves lost as to where to begin.

Analyze Your Surroundings

One of the easiest ways to begin the process of remodeling your bathroom is to try to look at your bathroom through a stranger’s eye. Is your bathroom wallpapered in paper that is old, faded, torn, or unsightly? Do you have an old claw foot tub where the only real purpose is jumping in and out to take a bath or a shower, but serves no relaxation purposes whatsoever? Once you have a basic idea of where to begin with your bathroom remodel, the remainder of the process can proceed in a rather smooth fashion.

Assess the Quality of the “Roots”

Another area to begin looking at while considering a bathroom remodel in your home is the plumbing and heating of your bathrooms. Often times, older homes have plumbing and heating ducts that are subpar and do not even make a dent in the plumbing needs of your home. Additionally, older homes also run the risk of having aged roots that have grown into the underground plumbing, causing a great deal of headache to the owners. It is always a good idea to consult with a plumbing or heating expert once you make the decision to undergo a bathroom remodel, as a way to fully ensure that your plumbing is up to code and that the heating will be adequate enough to properly complete its job.

Enhance & Update with Décor

A bathroom remodel is a fun and easy way to give the inside of your home a little extra decoration, and there are a wide variety of bathroom designs to select from. With just a little bit of paint, a ‘theme’ for your new décor, and a plumbing expert to certify that your plumbing is up to code, the bathroom remodel of your dreams can be closer to reality than you may have ever thought.

Freelance writer Sarah Smithson shares what she has learned about bathroom remodeling and updgrades. Having used Guaranteed Plumbing and Heating for her own home bathroom enhancements in the past, she shares her advice on why if your bathroom is looking outdated, you should definitely invest.

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