Home And Design: How To Bring Nature Indoors

In our opinion, a healthy home environment means bringing Mother Nature indoors with you. We believe there should be an element of the natural world within every living room to help add a lively element to your home, and create a healthier, brighter environment that will keep you earthed. Here are 10 simple ways to bring nature indoors.


The easiest way to liven up your home environment is to open your windows and let the sunlight stream in. Natural light is cheering and uplifting and is a necessity for the human body, mind and soul.


Another great way to bring nature indoors is to bring in a potted plant (or several). It can be flowers, bamboo, or any other plants you like as they involve very little care while providing us with filtered air to breathe in and good green energy to our living room. Plants can be small houseplants or large floor plants, bought on sale or grown from a friend’s cutting.

Stones, rocks and pebbles

Accessorise your room with bowls of pebbles or plotted stones special places of honor. They add solidity and grounding to our homes and can create a very country look or can be modernised too by being varnished or shone on by bright lights.

Natural materials

Choosing natural materials for products such as sofa throws, pillows, and other furnishings is a natural ingredient in which echo’s the outdoors.

Natural building supplies

To really create a natural feel within your living room, a very fashionable ingredient is that of wooden floors, fireplaces and furniture.

home design

We understand that everyday you are crowded by new modern designs that involve modern materials such as glass, steel, plastic, and clay. So to create a really fancy look in your living room, we have came up with 5 more innovative design ideas that are of course inspired by nature.

Natural stone rug look

Natural stone rug look design emerged from a desire to bring the rustic beauty of nature inside as part of a building’s interior design. This rug look stone piece can be placed in the centre of the room or situate under the dining or coffee table. Even though the colours of stone can vary, their essence is the same: raw natural beauty.

Grass Planters

Built in grass planters to the wooden coffee or dining table literally brings nature indoors. With its original appearance, the planters can be filled with all different plants or flowers and can act as a border or feature of a piece of furniture.

Mini greenhouse

Mini greenhouses situated inside glass containers can be the perfect place to grow herbs or beautiful plants in your own living room. They can be mounted on a light bulb to make use of its heat, or simply designed to hang from the ceiling or sit on the wall like green pockets to enhance the interior of the living space.

Stone handles/hooks

This simplistic yet very innovative and unique design is perfect for the use of handles on doors or cupboards and even hooks to hang coats and jackets upon. The strength of stone provides endless design opportunities, therefore we believe this is the perfect natural material for such an innovative idea.

Walnut caster table

Redesigning a tree branch or stem into a product like this can really create a very glamorous and outstanding furniture piece. Cleaning and polishing up such a beautiful natural element can completely change its appearance and add functionality.

Carrie-Rose is a freelance writer and professional blogger based in Leeds. She is here writing for Carpet Studio, retailers of hardwood flooring and carpets, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/deapeajay/3911699211/

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