Going Green: Outdoor Wood Boiler

When many people think of going off the grid or adopting green energy in to their home, they think of solar power. Harnessing the energy of the sun can bring with it other problems, like damaged roofs, the unreliability of the weather and high cost. However, there is another option besides electric, oil or natural gas to heat your home that is just as environmentally friendly. Though it may be a relatively new technology, outdoor wood boilers are growing in popularity for a number of reasons.

Outdoor Heat

Outdoor wood boilers come in many different capacities to heat your home or office, and can even be employed to serve more than one building at once. Unlike in-home wood burning furnaces, outdoor wood boilers will not affect the air inside your home, create heat concentrated in just one room or increase your home’s fire risk. Not having to lug wood in the house also means no unwelcome outdoor pests catching a ride in to your family’s home either.

Outdoor wood boilers present an efficient and practical means to not only heat your home via forced air, but also warm your floors and heat your water. Besides heating the water inside your home, you can also use your unit to heat swimming pools and hot tubs. You will have no worries when the power goes out either, as your outdoor wood boiler will continue to provide warmth to your home regardless.

Environmental Friendly

Despite what you might think, modern outdoor wood boilers are not harmful to the environment. Wood, unlike fossil fuels, is a completely renewable resource that for a majority of people is available locally, and does not need to be imported. Burning wood in a conventional wood stove can actually be more harmful to the environment, than the newer gasification outdoor wood boilers which can lower your carbon footprint. Harvesting firewood can also have a pruning effect on forests, clearing old, dying growth to make room for new trees.

Outdoor wood boilers also do not need the wood cut down to size as much as indoor wood furnaces do. You will be loading the unit a lot less as well. Instead of loading every couple hours, you may find yourself loading your boiler only once or twice a day. High-efficiency units burn not just the wood, but if so equipped can will turn the ash and gas in to heat as well.

When selecting an outdoor wood boiler, make sure you are selecting the unit right for you. Such things as efficiency, available applications and chimney height can make a huge difference in the performance in your home. Make sure you pick an outdoor wood boiler that also allows you to be a good neighbor to your community.

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