Getting Steamy in the Sunroom?

One feature that can make a house a real home in the UK is a conservatory.  With our rather imaginative climate the ability to enjoy the garden can be something of a hit and miss approach.  A conservatory can mean that you get the best of both worlds and also add a little extra space to your home.  For those with older conservatories, constructed in less energy efficient days, there can be one small problem: heat.  Yes, even here in the wet and wild UK when the sun does actually put in an appearance conservatories, especially the older variety, can heat to uncomfortable temperatures.  Thankfully, with a little help from technology and a little imagination, all is not lost!

Low-tech solutions

Blinds, drapes and curtains can be a good solution to lessen the heat in a conservatory.  Rush blinds often go well with the garden atmosphere, or simple, sleek stylish blinds can be a perfect choice.  This is probably the easiest way to build in some much needed shade – especially for south facing conservatories which get the full blast of the sun.  However, although offering shade, these will not necessarily lessen the heat as they do not block the sun’s rays and heat can still build up.  Certainly offering some shade, but not always reducing heat as much as you may need, blinds are the low-tech option.

Screening out the rays

The high-tech option comes courtesy of modern technology which offers a range of solutions to reducing the heat in glass structures.  MVM window films are designed for both residential and commercial premises.  The film is simply applied to the glass but is specifically designed to reduce the impact of the sun’s rays.  By reflecting glare and harmful UV light an MVM film can make a big, very welcome, difference in the hottest of hothouses.  In addition to heat reduction this solution can offer additional benefits.  Film is available that can act as a one-way mirror which increases privacy, which is useful in commercial premises but may also be suitable if your garden is overlooked.


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Easy energy efficiency

Older conservatories in particular may not feature the most energy efficient glass but replacing it can be a nightmare and an expensive nightmare at that.  Simply installing effective blinds or better still a MVM film to reduce the impact of the sun’s rays – and your exposure to UV rays – can provide an effective and distinctly lower cost alternative.  Whatever the British weather has to throw at us, MVM can offer a perfect solution to ensure you stay at just the right temperature and enjoy the great (or not so great) outdoors from the comfort of your own home! provide a range of simple solutions to turn your (too) hot house into a comfortable, temperate home – whatever the weather chooses to throw at you.

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