Fun Ways To Remodel Your Kids Bedroom

Remodeling a child’s bedroom allows you to give your child’s space its own style to fit your child’s personality. You also want to ensure that the design and elements you use in the room right now will be relevant to your child for years to come. It is a good idea to allow your child to incorporate some of their ideas too to ensure that they are happy with the space.

Paint Versus Wallpaper

Wallpaper can have neat patterns for kids room, but these patterns may not be something they like in a year or two. Wallpaper is also more time-consuming to install. Paint can be applied with relative ease. If you use the right kind, it is easily washable. Paint can also be switched out as your child grows and changes interests. You can paint your child’s favorite characters on their walls and then paint over these once they become irrelevant.

Carpeting Versus Wood Floors

Carpeting can add cushion for your child to sit and lie on. It can also be difficult to clean if something is spilled on it. With wood floors, while they may be a tad more uncomfortable, cleanup is easy. You can also toss down a few throw rugs to make the floor more comfortable and stylish.


Kids tend to have a variety of toys and stuffed animals. Kids also tend to be collectors of many things as they are developing their interests. Because of this, storage is critical. If you can find a child bed that is slightly raised “” but not too high that they cannot safely and easily enter and exit it “” you will be able to put small bins underneath it. This is a great way to store toys and other items. A bookshelf should be considered a child’s room essential. Here you can place books, arts and craft items and even some favorite stuffed animals.


Your child’s room will surely have a bed and a dresser, but other items are also important. A toy box is an easy way to keep toys organized and put away. An end table is a great place for a small lamp, and it is also a place that your child can place a book and a small favorite item or two. A desk or table is necessary so that you child can do things like art, crafts and homework.

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Think Safety

If you have a younger child that you do not want wandering out of their room at night, a baby gate can be a great tool. If your child has a habit of climbing, be sure to keep furniture away from windows. You do not want a child climbing onto a window sill and then falling out of the window. Any blinds should have their cords place up high and out of the way to avoid a strangulation hazard. All open electrical outlets should be sealed with safety caps to prevent children from sticking something in there and possibly being electrocuted.

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