Five Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Property

It is a strange paradox that the current low interest rates mean mortgages are showing the lowest repayment rates for a generation whilst at the same time restrictions and requirements are hampering many who wish to buy a property. This has resulted in the process of selling a property being very much a ‘buyers’ market’ with current homeowners constantly seeking ways to improve the value of their properties.


The kitchen is the heart of the home and as such can be one of the places which show the effects of everyday wear and tear the most. Naturally, it is essential that it is clean and tidy for any viewing but a simple decoration could prove a relatively cheap and easy way to add value to your home. Give your kitchen a new contemporary look by replacing old cupboard doors with new glossy versions, perhaps finished off with sleek, brushed steel handles.


Although most people like to move into a property and redecorate to their own tastes, this does not mean they will want to undertake such work straight away. In fact, most buyers look for a home which offers a ‘blank canvas’ which they can tolerate whilst integrating themselves in their new environment.

Repainting your own bold colour combinations is therefore essential. All rooms should be kept neutral and safe. Thankfully, cream and white paint is often the cheapest on the market so giving your home a few coats shouldn’t cost a fortune.

You should also address any problem areas in your home where signs of damage have appeared. Use specialist paint to treat and stop the spread of damp, fill any holes or cracks and ensure skirting boards are clean and freshly painted.


Cracked, peeling or rusty frames on the windows are extremely unappealing and can also be a signpost for other potential problems such as damp. Make sure your windows are cleaned before viewings and check the state of the sealant around the window frame, replacing if necessary.

It can be extremely cost effective to replace tired windows with new units and with the wide range of materials and styles available today it can have an impressive impact on the style of presentation of the whole property. If your property lacks double glazing then this will be considered a major disadvantage by prospective buyers so make sure all your fittings are up to standard.


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If your property has a garden or outdoor space this can be a big part of the selling appeal. A quick tidy up will have an immediate effect, whether it is just putting the kids’ toys somewhere out of the way or cutting back the jungle you’ve let grow over your lawn.

Fixtures and fittings

Some potential buyers see a basic shell that they could make into their own but the vast majority of viewings will be from people who make very fast decisions based on superficial reasons.

Attention to the small things really can make a difference here – replacing old discoloured wall sockets and lighting switches with brushed steel units, making sure light fixtures are dusted and fully operational (no blown bulbs) and giving the whole house a general tidy is essential for anyone looking to get as much money as possible for their home.

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