Finding The Right Tradesman

When it comes to tackling the necessary building work on your home or property it is important to be wary of certain pitfalls with who you employ.

The route to finding a good tradesman in this day and age can be a minefield, especially with all the different directories to navigate through and horror stories on certain TV shows.  The area of most concern when it comes to people being ‘ripped off’ seems to be in London and the surrounding areas. This may be due to the amount of work on offer here. It has become a sellers’ market and the buyer often has no idea what needs doing and really how much it should cost.

Roofing contractors are probably some of the most in demand contractors in the UK and if most people were asked what they do a high percentage would perhaps have no idea other than ‘they fix roofs’, so here are some tips and advice for people searching for the roofers London has to offer.


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Look into their suitability
You have to make sure your contractor has the right accreditations and these can be easily looked for by a simple search on Google. Always get at least 3-5 quotes from the contractors in your area and do not accept any quotes from people who do not go up onto the roof or attic to take a closer inspection, as they will have no idea what needs doing.  Research the companies for details such as how long they have been in business and who they have worked for previously.

One thing to make sure of is that your roofer has the right insurance as without it your roofing refurbishment could turn into your worst nightmare. Many people have unfortunately found this out the hard way and in some cases have ended up paying thousands to put the work right again.

Go with your instinct
Whether you are looking for solar, slate or asphalt roofing solutions it is safe to say that you need to see previous work completed by the company in order to make sure the finish will be to your satisfaction. Another thing to take in to consideration that many people forget is if you will be comfortable with this person in your home and working on your roof. If not then you should not hire them because you need to be utterly happy with your decision of roofer.
In conclusion, finding a roofer in London, or indeed anywhere else, is not hard but finding a good quality one is. Keep in mind the questions of whether they have the correct insurance, if you can see their previous work and finally if you feel comfortable with them working on your property.

Article written by Steven Bennett representing, contractors for renovation, building, energy and other related projects, and among the very best when it comes to the roofers London has to offer.

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