Drills for the Boys, oh, and the Girls.

Power drills are amazingly versatile bits of kit and, despite what they’d like you to think, they’re not just for boys!  For the avid DIY-er a drill is an essential piece of equipment and there are a whole range of different sizes, shapes and styles of power drill.  For any handyman, or woman, a drill is one of those “must have” tools.  They can be incredibly flexible making it easy to pop up a picture or, with the right fitting, to change a car tyre.  So how to find the best for your needs? 

Branding Matters when it comes to Building

There are a number of leading manufacturers and one well-known brand is Bosch.  They’ve been creating drills for many years for both the professional and domestic market.  Bosch drills are well-known, well-built and come with good guarantees.  As this particular handy tool will normally see a lot of use and needs to be robust it’s generally sensible to buy from a manufacturer that has a good track record in the industry so Bosch Drills make a good starting point when you’re searching. 


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Corded or Cordless

Most drill manufacturers will make a selection of corded or cordless drills but which is right for you?  Generally for a little light domestic work a cordless drill will be the best choice.  Corded drills can have higher power ratings which makes them perfect for more heavy duty uses and professional builders.  The cordless variety is more convenient for most domestic purposes and will be perfect for smaller joinery jobs too.  The lowest powered cordless drills will struggle to deal with most surfaces so should be avoided, while higher rated drills will generally be suitable for a full range of materials making them the most flexible for domestic jobs and even for pro-builders.  When choosing a cordless drill check what batteries are available and consider having two to hand to avoid power outages!

Essential Extras

Many drills will have additional features including those with a hammer setting which is useful if you’re drilling masonry.  Most brands will feature reversible drills and these should be top of the list as they make removing screws and bolts somewhat easier – especially those that have been there for some years! If you’re buying a drill for a major renovation project one feature that you should consider is a drill which can be adjusted for angles – which makes life considerably more straight forward in those less than straight forward corners and around the edges of rooms.  Many also come with fittings to add an extra handle which can be useful on difficult jobs and harder materials, offering more stability and control. Florescent tubes can offer in terms of cost, flexibility and long term affordability means that for building and facilities managers, they remain a serious contender providing efficient, bright and functional solutions. The job now is at the contract stage.  Normally a reservation fee will be payable at this point and it’s wise to have a legal document in place which confirms under what circumstances this could be refunded.  Once the contract is signed this registered at the local district land registry.  This confirms and protects the purchaser throughout the rest of the purchase and registration process.  The final title deed will be issued through the land registry once the process is completed, and this can be a lengthy process if a new build property or development is being purchased, however the registered contract of sale fully protects the purchaser in the interim. 

Bosch drills have the advantage that the company has been manufacturing top-spec kit for many years.  Whether it’s for light DIY or professional building, the right drill for the job should be easy to find. 

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