Does Your Holiday Home Need A Facelift?

A holiday home is a place where you go to relax and unwind. A holiday home does not have to look like a palace, but in order to enjoy your time you need to be comfortable within the house. Since a holiday home is constantly being overcrowded with friends, children, family, pets and holiday gadgets, the house will quickly show signs of wear and tear.

Here are three easy holiday home improvements:

Number One – The Kitchen

The kitchen is often considered the heart of a home and because of this updating the room is payoff. A holiday with friends and family typically means the kitchen becomes the storage space for food, drinks and a half way between the rooms and outside.

Therefore, when remodelling the kitchen remember to do three things: increase the size, build extra cupboards and once down paint.

First – Increase the size: As mentioned above the kitchen is a common room. The kitchen should, by rule of thumb, be able to hold more people than there is beds. The reason being is friends come up for a day or decide to bring a mattress and sleep on the floor. Therefore, increasing the size allows you to put a biggest table in, ensuring everyone can squeeze on during meal times.

Second – Extra Cupboards: A holiday home has the bare essentials: plates, cutlery, glasses and emergency goods (light bulbs, torches and matches). However, when you go on holiday you bring food for the duration of your stay and drinks. These items need to be put into a cupboard in order to not have the entire room being a complete mess and taking up all the seating space.

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Third – A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Once you have increased the size of the kitchen and added the storage cupboards, the most important thing is to paint the room. A coat of paint finishes off the room and adds value to the house. The paint should match your house, but also allow for the kitchen to stand out and be an attraction – remember a kitchen added value to your house in case you decide to sell.

Number Two – The Bathrooms

The bathrooms always seem to be a problem in holiday homes, as there are never enough for the amount of people in the house. A bathroom is another attraction as it, like the kitchen, has high traffic flow. People are constantly in and out of the shower, handing wet clothes in the bath and washing up. Therefore, a bathroom has high wear and tear.

Combating this wear and tear is easy. Here are three ways to keep your bathroom looking new and fresh:

One – Change the grouting once a year: The grouting gets dirty very quickly and makes the bathroom look old. New grouting ensures that the titles are properly protected and livens up the room.

Two – Add Light: A bathroom needs good lighting. This can be done in two ways. First, having large windows and second, adding strong light bulb fittings. This light will make the bathroom look cleaner and reduce the risk of mould.

Three – Paint: Once again painting the bathroom a neutral colour will ensure it does not clash with the rest of the house and gives the bathroom a fresh new look and feel to it.

Number Three: Add a Deck

The most common time to go on holiday is in summer. In summer you do not want to spend your time crowded in the house, therefore building a desk will allow you to have a place to sit, make a fire and relax. A deck is increases the value of your house, as outdoor living spaces have become highly desirable.

There are three simple ways to add value to your holiday house. The key is to now use these added features and see how it improves your holiday- as you are able to relax and enjoy yourself.

I am Greg Jones – a second home loan calculator specialist. I recently decided to do some home improvements to my holiday home. I simply took the kitchen, the bathrooms and the deck – the home is unrecognisable and I now am able to relax and enjoy my holiday.

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