Do You Need a Designer to Create a Shower Enclosure?

Shower enclosures can make for an excellent addition to a bathroom, whether they are set up as freestanding units, built into the wall, or created to reflect different design finishes. However, do you need a designer to create a shower enclosure, or can you just order and fit one yourself? While the latter option is do-able if you want to stick to a budget, a designer shower enclosure can give you much more in terms of the kind of enclosure you want, from finishing and installation to customisation to your home. At the same time, it’s worth considering some of the alternative options for shower screens in wet rooms as a more flexible option.

Dependent on Types

If going for a basic shower enclosure, you can pick up glass units and other frames that feature full enclosures, or semi-frameless designs, which can be bought to different sizes depending on the size of your bathroom. These prefabricated shower enclosures are generally cheaper, and can be easily fixed in and sealed to prevent water from leaking out. However, these enclosures tend to be more like basic stall units, and provide limited options in terms of design.

Specialist Designs

By contrast, a designer shower enclosure can provide you with much more of a range of styles. These can cover everything from antique enclosures through to minimalist styles with different forms of glass, as well as frameless and sliding door mechanisms. One of the advantages of paying more for a designer shower enclosure is that they can be tailored to your particular bathroom, with recommendations provided over which will be the safest and most economical for your space. In this way, you’re likely to receive more value for your shower enclosure over time.

Installation and Decor

A shower designer or design company can also supervise the installation of an enclosure, and can particularly help to prevent water from leaking out by paying close attention to tanking. Moreover, a designer shower can be fitted to match up with the overall decor of a bathroom. Advice can be given over whether a particular design fits in with your existing decor, or whether the enclosure will need to be considered as part of an overall remodeling of a bathroom. Having this kind of uniformity when it comes to an enclosure and the rest of your bathroom will ensure a more balanced look for the space.

Other Options

If unsure about designer bathrooms, there are other options for containing a shower. These include going for a wet room design, whereby the room is tanked to prevent water from leaking out, and an enclosure or bath is removed to allow water to run off into a single drain. The shower head is then open to the rest of the room, making for an easier walk in, and walk out design. Minimal shower enclosures can still be used for this space, representing sliding screens that can be fitted to prevent too much moisture and water from splashing onto towels and other parts of a bathroom.


Patrick Hegarty is a building consultant and writes about home improvement and bathroom renovations, like adding designer shower enclosures, for those that want to know how to do it.

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