DIY- Troubleshooting And Repairing Your Gas Fireplace

  • Pilot Light

Once the fuel source is determined to not be the issue, often a simple fix is that the pilot light is out. For most systems, the pilot light is a constant open flame, very small, but it’s constantly lit. It’s unlikely to go out on its own but that does not mean it can’t. More likely, if you took your gas fireplace system offline for the summer and shut off the fuel supply the pilot light will go out as well. When rebooting the system in the fall you have to make sure you reignite the pilot light per the operating manual instructions. If you have an IPI system with a pilot light that is not constant, a different approach will be needed.

If your pilot light did in fact blow out, it could be from unwanted downdrafts. If so, these drafts will continuously blow out your pilot light which is not only annoying but a real hazard. If a pilot light is not lit but is still supplying fuel it could create a dangerous situation where the room is getting filled with flammable gas. If this is the case, immediately open the windows and ventilate the house. Shut off the gas supply to the fireplace and call a professional. The lesson here is, always be conscientious about your pilot light. If you smell gas near your fireplace when it’s not on, you have a serious problem with either the pilot or some other leak. You will need a professional at this point and he/ she will know how to fix it safely and get the right fireplace replacement parts.

When the pilot light is flowing with gas as it should but not lighting, it is likely either a wiring problem, or a bad part. Check around the pilot light for loose, burned or otherwise damaged wiring. If all looks ok, you probably have to replace a part. Once you have reached this point, it might be time to call in the pro. Check your manual for replacement parts installation and see if it’s a job you can handle.

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