DIY- Troubleshooting And Repairing Your Gas Fireplace

The Gas Fireplace Won’t Start:

Failure to ignite is probably the most common problem experienced with gas fireplaces. There are many types of these appliances, so specifics may be different for your particular model. But the general principles are all the same.

  • Electronic Ignition

  • Check the Breaker Box or Fuse box: If your fireplace uses an electronic ignition that runs on the house circuitry the first place to check is the breaker-box or fuse box. Ideally your fireplace should be on its own breaker and many people shut off the breaker at the end of the season and either forgets that they did so or someone else in the house turned it off. Sometimes, it’s not on its own circuit and flipping it on has overloaded the breaker. Check the circuit breaker and make sure its reset correctly and operating as it should.

  • Fuel Supply

  • Once the electric supply seems to check out ok, you should look to the fuel supply. Different systems have different ways of delivering the fuel. Many times the fuel is shut off during the off-season. The first thing to check is that all the right valves are open. With a propane system, you will next check to see that you actually have fuel in the tank at all. If you have a gas line system where the fuel comes directly from the house gas line, make sure other gas appliances are working properly to eliminate the off chance that your gas line is down or you forgot to pay the gas bill. The bottom line is to make sure the fuel supply is working as it should before proceeding to more in-depth checks on pilot light failure or part failure.

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