DIY: A 5 Step How-To for Applying Wallpaper

It is often believed that you should hire an expert to help put up wallpaper, but this is not necessarily needed. There are no real expensive tools or knowledge needed in order to install wall coverings properly. You can also save a great deal of money by doing this yourself, so if you have the ambition and care to save a little loot, here is a 5 step guide to wallpaper application.

Step 1: Design the Rooms Layout. The first step to be accomplished is figuring out which of the walls in a room is the focal point. The focal wall is the one that is first noticed when entering an area.

Once the focal wall is determined, you need to measure the walls width and find the middle. You then mark this point, and draw a line from the ceiling to the baseboard through the middle point. This is essentially the guide that the wallpaper will follow. So the line must be straight and accurate, otherwise the wallpaper you put up may be at an odd angle, which is only more exaggerated the further along you work.

If you are using patterned wallpaper, you are going to want the patterns to match up from page to page. This is going to be done by cutting about a 6-inch wide piece from the middle of a sheet, and applying it on the line you drew. You then proceed to match the next piece to that one so that the designs flow evenly through.

Step 2: Prep the Wall Covering for Application. There are two types of wall coverings that determine where you move forward from here, pre-pasted wallpaper and not pre-pasted wallpaper.

Pre-pasted wallpaper is significantly easier to put up. They will come with manufacturers instructions on their precise use, but generally they all follow the same system. You roll up individual sheets with the glue side out and dunk them into water. This activates the adhesive and you have to be sure not to let it sit in the water too long. Otherwise the wallpaper will become soggy.

Non pre-pasted wallpaper requires you to apply the glue yourself to the back of the paper. You apply this individually to each sheet with a paint roller. You want to distribute the glue evenly and then let it sit for around 5 minutes. Do not let it sit too long or the glue will harden before it’s on the wall. If you don’t let it sit long enough, the paper will fail to hold when you’re trying to put it up.

Step 3: Apply the Wallpaper to the Wall. If you are using patterned wallpaper, you will want to align the images so that they match up, with single colors there is no difference. But with either, you want to avoid allowing any of the glue to be exposed as when it dries it will not stick to the wall. Watch for bubbles and creases in the paper as you are putting it up. You will want to smooth it out as your putting it up as well. This can be accomplished with any flat and strong stick such as a ruler or measuring level.

Step 4: Apply the Wallpaper to the Walls Corners. Corners are by far the most difficult section of a room to wallpaper without goofing up. What you want to do is finish one wall, and when you come to the corner, allow about a half an inch to drift over the corner and onto the adjacent wall.

This accomplishes two things for you. One is you are not trying to make two individual sheets meet in a corner, which is hard to match up. The second is that the overflow allows for a nice starting point for the next wall, and doesn’t allow for loose ends to pop out. Which is common when trying to make two sheets meet in a corner.

Step 5: Remove Unnecessary Trim. Once you finish applying the wall covering, you are going to want to remove any extra wallpaper trim that was left behind. There will doubtlessly be much around window frames, doors and nooks. You can get rid of this easily with a razor and a flat guide. You put the guide up to the crease, and follow along it with the razor.

Hopefully by the end of this you have a room that you can be proud ofand can brag to your friends about. There is no doubt that few of them will have attempted such an undertaking themselves.

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