Different Types of Piping Supports for Commercial and Residencial Buildings

Piping is installed on rooftops of commercial buildings. In order to keep the pipes in place they need to be connected to a piping support system. Pipes and the substances within the pipe will heat up and cool down throughout the day. The temperature will cause the pipes to expand and contract, which can cause the pipes to move around. If they are not supported, this movement will tear holes and cause damage to the rooftop. Piping supports eliminates this damage. There are many different types of supports in order to be used in different ways. Pipes can be supported above, below, and running up and down. The type of roof and pipes will determine the type of support that is used.

Portable Pipe Hangers

Pipe hangers are extremely common because most of the pipes above ground on commercial and residential buildings are put in overhead. There are different styles of pipe hangers such as strap-style, hook-style, and channel-style. A strap-style is constructed from a flexible metal wrapped around the pipe so it can be attached to the ceiling. Hook-styles have a J-shape design. The long flat end is attached to the ceiling and the hook sits in the hook end. Lastly, the channel-style similar to the hook-style but they are wider.


Pipes that are positioned on the ground will require a riser to keep them secure and in place. Pipe anchors are rises to eliminate up and down movement that is brought on by the internal flow and external forces. Another type is the shock-absorbing pipe the will enable the pipe to have some movement and take on any vibrations or too much movement. This style is beneficial if there is a lot of movement within the pipe that have an inconsistent flow. Lastly, insulated piping supports reduce energy loss and effects caused by temperature changes.

Vertical Clamps

Pipe clamps are used to attach pipes that run up and down the walls. Saddle clamps have plates that are secured to absorb and vibration and also heat. The gang clamps have an angled piece of metal that is attached to the wall. Gang clamps connect many pipes together closely sense there is limited space. Strap-style pipe hangers secure pipes on the wall in order to be used overhead. There are several styles of clamps used to connect pipes to objects. They use a bolt mechanism to be attached to the wall or any other object.

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