Common Garage Door Problems Can Be Prevented With Regular Maintenance

While automatic garage doors are wonderful conveniences, there are some common garage door problems that show up every once in a while. If you’re aware of these, then you might be able to use a maintenance approach that keeps them from happening.

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Keep Your Garage Opening Smoothly With Regular Cleaning

Some problems may be prevented with regular maintenance and simple repairs. For example, if you start to hear a loud clang when the garage door opens or closes, this could be because the chain is off track. If it comes out of the lip, then it’s going to slip each time the door is used. For this, you’ll just need a tool to slip the chain back inside the track and it will get rid of the problem.
The garage door may not open as quickly as before when dirt is clogging the track. Dirt will impede the hinges and wheels from working properly. To cure this problem, just clean the track with regular cleaning products. Make sure nothing else is stuck inside like a leaf or twig.
Remember that the wheels might also need to be lubricated occasionally to make sure they turn freely. If you’ve ever oiled a sewing machine, then you know how to be precise. This is the same concept so you don’t end up with lubrication leaking onto your floor. Just apply it to where it’s sticking the most and then run the garage door up and down a few times. This will spread the lubrication out for you in a consistent manner.

Faulty Remotes Could be More Than Just Dead Batteries

If your remotes are not opening the garage door, they may need to be reset. Sometimes after you change the batteries in these controls, they lose the settings that were programmed in. Follow the instructions to reconnect the remotes to the garage door controller as you did during the original installation. If you no longer have these, you can find directions online based on who manufactured the opener.
When you’re trying to lock up your house securely, part of that is making sure the garage door closes all the way. What do you do if it constantly comes back up and doesn’t seal at the ground level? This could be a sign that either something is in the way of the sensors or your limit switch has failed. If the problem persists after removing everything from between the sensors, then you may need to have a professional check out the switch.

A Quick Fix For When Your Garage Door Won’t Close

On those days when you need to leave in a hurry and your garage door is not responding at all, you may wonder if the motor has quit. However, it could be something as simple as the rope being engaged incorrectly. Sometimes this piece can get pulled in the wrong direction accidentally and that will keep the motor from operating. People sometimes do this if they want to work with the door manually for various reasons. All you need to do is reengage the motor by pulling the rope in the right direction.

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