Choosing the Right Roof Window

Choosing the Right Roof Window

Often when a person wants a roof window for their home, they have a very good idea about where they want to roof window to be placed. The difficulty arises when they have to decide which roof window is right for them. There are a variety of different roof windows available, and each style comes with different options. If you are having difficulty deciding which roof window is right for you, use the simple steps below to discover which roof window is the right one.

The different types of roof window

There are various types of roof windows to choose from. Different types of skylights include Centre-pivot roof windows, conservation skylights, electric and solar roof windows, flat roof windows and top-hung roof windows. Each of these different styles of roof window comes with different options including different frame material, different glazing, and different tinting. Some of these options will come down to personal preference, but for help deciding which style you should choose, use the simple steps below.

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Step 1 – Consider your Budget

Many people will go out and look for a roof window before considering their budget. Do not make this mistake. The amount of money you have to spend on a roof window may limit your choice of window to a particular style and will limit your choice of options and extras. Larger window will cost more, windows with upgraded glazing will cost more and electric windows will cost more.

Do not forget to add the cost of installation into your budget if you are not planning on installing the window yourself. You should ask for a quote from a professional roofer before actually purchasing the window. The quote will give you a rough idea of how much money you will have left to spend on the window itself.

Step 2 – Think about where you’re putting the Window

Before starting to look for the perfect roof window for your home, you should have a clear idea about where you want to place the window. What room is it is? Is it a bedroom, bathroom, attic or stairwell? Often, where the window will be will limit your choice of roof window to a specific style.

Think about how much light that side of the house gets. Would a solar powered electric window be suitable? How much light do you want to enter the room? A larger window will allow more light to enter, and in turn, make the room feel larger.

Step 3 – How do you want the window to open?

Typically roof windows are either top-hung or centre pivot. Top-hung windows open outwards, meaning no space in your room is lost to the window being opened. Centre pivot windows, as the name suggests, turns on its centre. This means half the window will enter the room when opened. Centre pivot windows are generally easier to clean than the top-pivot alternative.

If your window is in going to be in a hard to reach place, e.g. on a high ceiling, you may want to choose an electric or solar powered roof window, which can be controlled with a remote. With a solar powered skylight, you do not need to worry about any complicated electrical wiring. (However, you will have to worry about how much sun the solar panels will get).

Step 4 – Consider the Options

The first option to consider is the material the frame is made from. Your choices here are pine or white polyurethane. Often this comes down to personal preference and which one will go better with your room’s décor. Keep in mind that white polyurethane windows are easier to look after, last longer, but are generally more expensive than a comparable pine window.

Another option to consider is the type of glazing. Most window styles are offered with a variety of glazing options. Triple glazed windows are more expensive than double glazed windows. For the extra money, triple glazed windows offer a lower U value (lower rate of heat loss) and better sound insulation. Upgraded glazing options also offer additional safety; a toughened outer plane makes it harder to damage or break the window.

After you have worked through all these steps, you should be left with a small list of suitable windows. With a clear idea of which roof window is right for you, it’s time to purchase the perfect window to bring light into your home.

Article written by Adam Gibson on behalf of Kens Yard Ltd.

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