Caring For Your Shower Screen

Whether you have a shower screen on your bath, a stand alone enclosure or a modern and fashionable wet room with sleek panels, you will still need to keep it clean. Shower screens are nearly always made from glass, usually transparent or slightly opaque, and are therefore very hard to keep clean. Any smearing, streaking or residue is always far more apparent on a shower screen than it is on a bath or piece of bathroom furniture.

Firstly, it is far easier to rinse away a liquid than to clean a dried residue. If you spot some shampoo or shower gel clinging to the shower enclosure when you are using it or have just finished, then give it a quick blast with the shower (assuming you have a head on it you can direct and/or a shower hose) will save you a lot of time later. Similarly, using the shower on dried residue will often loosen it or remove it completely and is well worth trying before you waste time and effort on anything more strenuous.

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Sadly, even the most diligent of us are often faced with stains, smears and marks that can’t be cleaned away so simply. Your normal bathroom cleaning chemicals may leave chalky residues or be too thick or otherwise unsuitable. Using specialist glass cleaners is one solution, however these can sometimes be overly harsh to use or harmful to the environment. White vinegar is a surprisingly good alternative: it is very green and manages to strike a careful balance between being effective yet not irritating your nasal passages or skin should you splash it on yourself. Best of all, it doesn’t leave any smears and has no unpleasant smell.

When you clean try to use a lint free cloth or sponge, to prevent fibres from being left on the glass. Clean from top to bottom, firstly in a side to side motion and then from top to bottom. This will catch the drips and also limit the number of smears that you have to deal with. When you have cleaned the glass you can then dry it to a high shine by using either a dry cloth or scrunched up newspaper. Using circular motions will prevent you from creating large smears and buff the surface to a brilliant shine.

Once you have cleaned and dried your enclosure you can consider using something to ensure that it remains clean and streak free for longer. As odd as it sounds, a wax or cleaner designed for cars and car windshields can keep the surface cleaner for longer and also keep it at a high shine. Just remember it will rinse off over time and make sure that the one you choose is safe to use indoors and in an environment where people bathe.

Emma Cubrick is a expert interior designer, working in the North of England for a multitude of clients both commercial and private. Over the past 15 years she as become one of the most sought after names in the industry, known for her stunning bathroom designs. Emma is working on improving the categories such as the shower enclosures at Liberty Bathrooms to ensure Liberty Bathrooms product portfolio is the best in the industry.

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